Our readers believe it takes hard work and dedication to become famous and it comes with a price — some are willing to pay for it while others choose privacy over the glitz and glamour
I want to be famous. But not everyone can be famous even if they wish to. Becoming famous means putting a lot of effort and dedicating yourself to a particular field. And, then few achievements will be known by all. Their untold stories, struggles and visionary ideas should also come out so that it helps to inspire public. However, maintaining privacy depends on the respective person. It is up to them to decide what kind of personal information they want to share or keep it private. I am eager to become famous because money, respect and glamour come along it. I would love to see a lot of people around me, watching and listening to me. — Sunil Shrestha, Daibisthan, Bhaktapur   I really want to achieve fame through social service and by helping the needy ones. If I were given a chance to be famous, I would definitely go for it. Being famous also means being a responsible person. So, I would support the needy ones and never forget my past or my struggles. I would definitely care about my own personality before public eye. — Beepana Thapa Fame comes with hard work and perseverance in the field of your interest. To achieve this, you should possess the attributes of perfectionism and leadership to appease your fans. While doing so, you also have to compromise your privacy and personal life. It seems fun and flashy on the outside but only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. Moreover, the cause of the fame is important since there is no dearth of flatterers and sycophants. They do their best to mislead you by offering sugarcoated words and limit your philanthropic deeds for their interest. Yes, I want to be famous but not so famous that my family, friends and society are back-burnered. If I were famous I would do something meaningful for the betterment of children who are deprived of basic human rights. I think they deserve attention as they cannot raise their voices. Nevertheless, there is no shortcut to being famous and it cannot be achieved if you have any doubt about the things you are doing or the way you are doing. — Shyam Uprety, Nijgadh, Bara   It is true that fame comes with its own tempting package of media attention, praises, money, influence and possibly opens the way to power. However, it also has its thorns of sharp criticism, painful trolling via social media, disruption of privacy, unwanted media attention, personal and political attacks depending upon your field or area in particular. Hence, one has to think critically and decide whether they want to be famous and accept the adornment at the same time. For me, I do not want to be famous. I want to be able to carry my duties and responsibilities with peace as long as I can do it. I want to enjoy my morning cup of coffee with the newspaper without going through any pain or gain that come with fame. — Saikat Kumar Basu, Lethbridge, Canada   Media and fame are the most sought-after. The glamour, glitter, luxury and privileges that come with being famous are far too tempting. I would absolutely drop everything to become famous without skipping a beat. Being the centre of attraction is a great feeling. Who wouldn’t want that? Yes, you do lose your privacy after you come before the public’s eyes. However, everything comes with its price. Just like the greatest doctors sacrifice their family life to save a patient’s life, famous people sacrifice their privacy to keep their image. — Riya   Who doesn’t want to be famous? But not in a way that one’s life doesn’t have any privacy. I am a normal person with a normal life, and I am really happy and satisfied for who I am and what I am. Who says one is not famous? I am famous within my family and friends. I am happy being famous within certain number of people around me who love and respect me. Also, I have been enjoying my life the way I want to. I believe in not being a famous personality, but famous among the people around me. — Celesty Shakya   Even if I were given a chance, I would never want to be famous. I would rather pick my privacy over glamour and money. Even without being famous, respect can be earned by good deeds. Fame will never be my cup of tea because I love to be who I am and will always be satisfied this way. — Sachita Shrestha   I’d like to be famous as a rockstar. It’s not only about the money or glamour but also respect. Moreover, people will listen to my voice and I’ll get appreciation and support. It is cool to have fans. There are some negative aspects as well. My personal life would be like a open book to people where it’s hard to maintain privacy. But it is okay as I can handle the media. — Subhamitta   Life is all about success and success is all about effort. Nobody feels awkward to let the world know about their effort. It is obvious that being famous would mean being public. But in order to get something, we must lose something and it’s a cycle. It would be a pleasure to become famous in a way that many people would know about my efforts throughout my lifetime. — Samuna Khadka Everyone desires fame and being the centre of attraction. A male desires to have a lot of money to spend on bikes, friends, luxurious lifestyle and then gain popularity. As for female, they too desire multiple choices for their wardrobe to stand out among their peers. Hence, fame which demands respect and attracts glamour is connected to money. But people tend to forget that privacy is one of the most important things in life. It’s to live secretly, spending time with oneself and the loved ones. And it is away from being centre of attraction. That is why I do not want to be famous. There should be room to keep treasures. Without secrecy your life is not yours anymore, it is everybody’s apparently. — Kamal Humagain, Kavre   First of all, we need to be clear about fame. Our appearance has value. Fame brings money and glamour but we can’t hide our privacy because of public’s attention on us. Such kind of fame invites arrogance as well as unpopularity. Wealthy people are also famous because of their honesty to earn money. Actual fame comes from the integrity of a person. We need to gain respect from public by maintaining honesty and humbleness. We can proceed by helping people without an expectation of money or glamour. I wish to deserve such kind of fame. — John Karki, Thecho, Lalitpur   I would choose to live a life and prefer a simple living. Most people have a dream to become popular. Nowadays, people can easily achieve fame via social networking sites. But, popularity is usually based on a person’s past struggles. If someone gets popular all of a sudden like the ‘Tarkariwali’ (Kusum Shrestha), then this kind of fame is only for a certain period. It’s easy to be popular but really difficult to maintain that position for a long time. Being famous also means losing privacy which can be difficult at times. We have heard how some celebrities committed suicide as their private life was affected by fame. — Mathura Adhikari, Banepa   Being appreciated for our work is what we want and this is being famous. If people appreciate me for what I do, then, I would definitely enjoy that fame. Money, respect and glamour definitely follow fame as you become a public figure. People want to know everything about you. So, privacy is not maintained. But, if we take it in a positive way as you are an idol to somebody, audience would love you on screen as well as off screen. But, these days giving negative comments on a person’s appearance have become a trend on social media. These things can be ignored and most importantly, you cannot please everybody. There will always be those few judgemental people. So, simply enjoy your work and be who you are. — Shristi Adhikari, Tanahun   If I were given a chance, then I wouldn’t choose fame because it’s not everything. For instance, Indian actress Sridevi passed away recently — she was famous and when she was declared dead, there were questions raised on the reasons of her death. Despite the actual reason being accidental drowning, it was reported that she died of cardiac arrest in the first place. It was the time to show that media is for us to give us the right information, but, instead they were doing the work of investigators and making various comments. So, where is privacy? A simple man doesn’t need to worry about any of this. — Bibek Sah, Birgunj   People want to earn money, respect, glamour and fame. These things are considered the ultimate achievements of everyone but cannot be achieved easily. Most people adopt many ways to achieve all that success. I think I’d want to come before public eye because famous people are recognised everywhere. However, there are some who would never want to publicise their internal matters. — Sharmila Kushwaha, Radhemai, Birgunj   It is true that human beings always wish to become famous. We also long to have a better income and live a comfortable life with all the love and respect from society. Of course, fame draws attention of people towards one. As a human, I do have that desire of becoming famous and building my own identity in society. Greater the fame, higher the social prestige! If I become famous, I would try to help boost the potential of youth who have been drifting away from their aims like dry leaves, challenge them to be focused on the things they enjoy doing. I would also like to see the potential of youths being channelised in a productive way. — Anonymous For me getting love and respect from people is more valuable than fame and glamour. If I were given a chance to be famous, I would like to be a sportsperson, maybe a cricketer. May be there is not much glamour in this field but there is immense respect, love and self satisfaction which everyone dreams to achieve one day. Nevertheless, sports is a great means to represent our country to the world and unite people. — Suresh Khanal Yes, of course, I want to be a famous person. Nowadays everyone wants to earn money, get respect and become glamorous. Everyone is struggling here to earn money and achieve success. That is what I want to do and become a famous person. It is obvious that I will lose my privacy and cannot live my life like now. But, you have to lose something to get something. I have to adopt the lifestyle like famous people. — Sanjay Yadav Until yesterday, I had no second thoughts that I wanted the limelight. My dream was to inspire many people and with little money and glamour alongside, wouldn’t hurt. But privacy was something I took for granted. It took me a 50-minutes-walk from Thimi to Koteshwore today with my friend to realise that the wonderful time we just spent was a privilege of not being a celebrity. We talked loud, laughed hard, walked carelessly and when I tripped, he held me up. Simply it was one of the best moments of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of money or fame. Like us, most normal people have the freedom to cherish such little things in life. But fame is fickle. It’s like living in a glass cage where you can’t mess up. So from today and forever, I choose not to be famous but my dream to inspire and help others remains. Fame shouldn’t stop anyone from doing the right things as real integrity is doing the right thing knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not. — Sudesha Rimal, Koteshwore If I get a chance, I would love to be famous. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t desire fame, but gaining fame is hugely dependent on the hard work, persistence, luck and creativity displayed by us in a societal boundary. Money, respect and glamour are supplements to fame. In my opinion, becoming famous is the biggest achievement of a human being which values our birth and privacy is not a big issue if we are doing all our activities faithfully and legally. Gaining fame doesn’t mean losing privacy, but we can say it means we are being a public property. — Suclsamyog, Lamjung   I would want to be famous, as our society and mainstream media teach us that famous people are “somebody” while the normal people are “nobody”. The celebrity culture has become a strange form of demigod worship. Every human wants love, acceptance and a sense of accomplishment. Wanting to be famous is an extension and enhancement of those human longings. Fame usually brings wealth as well. Fame also carries attention which I actually want. Also, fame is something you can get by doing even stupid things. Therefore, I prefer being somebody rather than nobody. — Baibhav Nepal   If I get a chance to choose between fame and my privacy, I would choose privacy because when we start to become famous, even small things attract the attention of media and other people. While going out from our home, we need to take care of each and everything — our appearance, behaviour and many more. Some people also get jealous of our fame and troll us to hurt us emotionally, mentally or physically. After being famous, we cannot go out freely as everybody out there will keep staring at us including media. I wouldn’t risk my privacy and freedom for fame. — Ruja Shrestha   Every human being is concerned to fulfil certain aim within some period of time. Likewise, someone wants to be famous. But fame does not only mean being known to all, but it also means losing privacy. So, you must take risk bearing a busy life and being in the public eye. We all want to be famous and the moment we want to do something, we are no longer free. If I were given a chance, I would surely utilise my fame through some social works to win the hearts of underprivileged people. But, I wouldn’t like to be famous for those services. What I really need, is the chance where my fame would be the cause to heal other people and solve their problems. — Bindika Pandey   The most sensible thing that I have found in the existence of human life is by serving society. As I am interested in social service, I always find myself engaged in social work. All I want is to get success in each and every aspect that may help in healing wounds of the victims and the injured. The goal that I have is not to be famous but gain fruitful progress in my field. Hence, my wish is to always focus on social encouragement rather than becoming famous as I want to lead a normal life through happiness and satisfaction. — Kamal Aryal, Pokhara   I believe that people should be committed, devoted, determined and sincere enough to earn fame because it always requires hard work for it. For the matter of fact, without working hard nobody in this world can be able to attain fame. On the other hand, we can also earn fame by contributing to humankind just like American billionaire Bill Gates who works for the goodwill of people around the world. It is not guaranteed that we will get fame by setting/breaking world records, earning enough wealth or doing global fashion shows. It can also be done when we contribute to the well being of people around the world. One of the best methods of being famous is by assisting people living with poverty, by collecting enormous amount of funds for them and also by teaching them the skills which will be useful for them. — Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar, Baneshwore   Fame can be nice but it’s not an easy thing to live with. You have money but you do not feel safe, you have friends and fans but you can never be sure if they like you for who you are or for your money. People can say nasty things about you and it can have a negative impact in your life, future and your family. Similarly, celebrities have to be away from their friends and family for a long time. I think it’s a lonely world for a celebrity. Everyone thinks that being famous is awesome but when I think about it, I just don’t get it. There is nothing better than living a life freely and doing things without people watching every move of yours. Fame definitely wouldn’t be my choice without a private life. So no, I would not wish to be famous. — Sarika Shrestha   Fame seems tempting to most individuals. The glitz and glam, lavish lifestyle and designer outfits might seem like not so much of a bad deal to many. However, I think fame has a darker side too — that is not much revealed to the public, nevertheless, it does exist. Whenever a famous person goes out, simply for hanging out with friends or significant others, it might be misinterpreted and hyped up more than necessary. Plus, I have also read about many suicide incidents of famous people because of what lies underneath all that money and fame. One’s image may also be distorted by enemies of a famous person. Freedom is lost as well, while trying to be a celebrity figure. Thus, in my viewpoint one should work hard and utilise their knowledge and skills and not chase fame, rather help people with your abilities and remain happy in your achievements. — Priyasha Mahara   I want to do noble deeds so that people will know my endeavours more than me. I want to feel that I am a solution. If fame comes along with it as an outcome, that is okay. However, not so much that people start taking interest in me or my close ones and that our daily life choices, activities and privacy are invaded. Nevertheless, a few things immensely sadden me. Like when people say that there’s no recognition of good deeds, especially in our country or when I see public instantly being influenced by vlogs, other social media trends, glamour industry et cetera. There is so much data people are exposed to nowadays that fame is short-lived if not rekindled time and again. — Aayush   As we all know the nature of human beings, there is none who wants failure. It means everyone wants power, jurisdiction, reputation, and fame. As per my understanding, fame consist all those things which make a human immortal. Their identities, reputation and memories remain forever. Privacy is crucial for us but to get something we need to lose something as this is the law of nature. Due to these reasons, I would like to be famous, if I were given a chance. In this scientific era, money plays an integral part in our lives. The privacy will not feed us, while fame makes people respect you. So, I want to be an icon in this era which is only possible through name and fame. — Mohan Lal Kapar, Banchauri, Mahottari   It isn’t always necessary that being rich and famous would make us happy forever, as it sounds. Fame is actually more than just being known by everyone around. It not only hinders our privacy but also pressurises us to become perfect in everybody’s eyes. If you are famous, you are not allowed to make any mistakes, not even a silly one. But, everyone is willing to do anything for fame. People always tend to envy celebrities around them. For me, I would rather choose a peaceful life than a noisy one where every move of yours is being watched and judged. Yes, the major challenge for any famous person is to take all sorts of judgment from people you never know. There will be good fans too, though. Still it’s not an easy and happy life as we all have been imagining. Either one is celebrity or a nobody. Even though, everyone is human first, famous people aren’t even treated as human beings, which I see as the biggest problem. — Mamta Ghimire, Samakhushi