Geothermal resources

With 40% of the world’s geothermal resources, Indonesia has been on the verge of becoming a renewable energy superpower for some time now.Geothermal power plants emit less than 10% of greenhouse gases produced by fossil fuel thermal plants. They provide clean, reliable baseload power, and bolster energy security.

Indonesia’s geothermal power potential represents two-thirds of the country’s current grid capacity; if the untapped resources could be confirmed, accessed and utilized, Indonesia would be able to lock in a unique clean energy competitive advantage.

However, the resources remain underdeveloped: in 2013 less than 6% of Indonesia’s potential generation capacity from geothermal had been realized due to regulatory barriers, inadequate feed-in tariffs and high early-stage exploration risks. Despite these obstacles, the Indonesian government is one of the few that has articulated clear goals on clean energy... —