Give them respect

At a time now when the country is saddled with numerous disputes, the conflagration rising, thus, has resulted in protests taking violent

forms. People tend to take to the streets at the slightest pretext, thereby, displaying their uglier side. However, it would be in order to have these disputes

settled by the courts. Here, of late, we find that the courts are often not getting the respect they deserve. There is no doubt that the court is the appropriate place to settle such matters. But these days we find many who are unhappy with the decisions of the courts when they are not to their liking paying disrespect to the judiciary as a whole by refusing to see reason. As per the sagacious advice of the newly appoint Chief Justice Min Bahadur Rayamajhi, the political parties should set an example by showing respect to the verdicts of the courts.

As the courts are places where disputes can be settled peacefully, it deems on all citizens to take recourse to them and to not allow the rule of the jungle to set it. Of late, the courts have decided on various contentious issues of national significance and there are others with the Apex Court. As the rulings are made on the basis of the law of the land and evidences, it behoves on all to abide by them and not resort to unruly protests and chanting as has been the norm these days.