Global warming

Over the 20th century, the global average surface temperature has increased by about 0.6 degrees Celsius.  The rise in surface temperature is having adverse effects on the Earth and its habitants.

Global warming today has become a major cause for concern as the rising temperature could result in harsh inhospitable conditions on the Earth.

There are several causes of global warming and greenhouse gases are the major culprit. Greenhouses gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide and chlorofluorocarbon. Industries, vehicles, refrigerators and air conditioners produce greenhouse gases.

These gases then form a layer in the atmosphere which then allows the heat from the sun to get through to the Earth but when the rays reflect from the Earth they imprison them and don’t let them escape into outer space. Consequently, the heat gets trapped inside and the effect is gradual heating of Earth’s atmosphere and surface. This process is called global warming. As the Earth temperature increases, the ice melts from the snowcaps. Global warming may destroy the islands regions such as the Maldives, Fiji and Indonesia, say scientists. Global warming is also the main cause of glacial floods.

In addition, global warming can also put animals that survive in cold climate – snow leopard, penguin and polar bear – in danger and may make them extinct. It may cause flood, snow slide, less crop yields. Though our country’s contribution to global warming is not that significant, we do have an enormous responsibility when it comes to saving the Earth from global warming. We have to be careful about not increasing the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Almost all the scientists in the world agree that Earth’s atmosphere has changed because of human activities. Since global warming is a human-induced phenomenon, it is incumbent upon us human beings to protect the planet Earth from the wrath of this dangerous phenomenon.

In recent times we have been losing our forest covers at a fast pace. Afforestation could be one of the ways to combat global warming. Banning old vehicles and replacing fossil fuel-run vehicles with electric vehicles could also contribute in fighting global warming. But what must not be forgotten is greenhouse effect is something which helps maintain the temperature of the Earth surface, making this planet habitable.