Go slow game

Even hard talk, experience says, has not been able to wean many an avowed smoker to

throw their supposedly lethal habit in the dust. Looks like the pleasures of puffing away cannot be matched by the other delights in life. So, does it make any difference even if the “irritating” bit of statutory warning makes its indelible presence on every packet of cigarettes or chewing tobacco. They are printed words that cannot dampen the craving for tobacco indulgence. A lot has been written and discussed by those with the medical know-how, but the other facet is business as usual for the producers and the revenue galore for the state. That gets any anti-tobacco move on the hold.

Our own case is no different. Indulging in lip service is a national pastime. In that series came the anti-tobacco bill about a year or so back. It is reported to be gathering dust, all because the bill pushers have priorities other than public health. The government knows well what dent the bill would make as an Act on the coffers of the national exchequer. So, as things are, a blind eye to getting it okayed has more to it than what appears on the surface. Till the chair holding gimmick has the bigger say, public health will be relegated to the lowest rungs of legislative initiatives. And, that is where the anti-smoking go-ahead remains for the present time.