Going green

Shree Eco Visionary Pvt Ltd (SEVPL), a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles (EV) in Nepal, in collaboration with Explore Nepal and other tourism entrepreneurs, is all set to launch EVs for the tourists on the occasion of the World Tourism Day on September 27. The three- and four-wheel vehicles will be used for sight-seeing, airport-to-hotel transport and other shuttle services. Notably, according to a 2005 survey jointly conducted by Kathmandu Electric Vehicle Alliance and Kathmandu Environment Project, 59% foreign tourists identified vehicular emission as the most pressing environmental concern of Kathmandu; 69% deemed the Valley’s air quality “poor” thus spoiling their sight-seeing and mountain-viewing experiences. Unsurprisingly, 94% preferred travelling in EVs, with 79% showing their express willingness to foot the bill for the pollution-free ride.

This indicates a clear preference of foreign tourists for a pollution-free environment and their readiness to contribute to keep it clean and green. Hence, the introduction of EVs for tourists will send a very positive message to prospective tourists that Nepal pays close attention to their preferences and is at the same time aware of its duty to protect the environment. Indeed, this latest move can be used to buttress Nepal’s image abroad. In the end, the importance of the government promoting and supporting such constructive initiatives of private players who play such a big role in attracting tourists and foreign reserves into the country cannot be overemphasised.