‘I’ am proud of ...

Big or small, every achievement is something to be proud of. Our readers illustrate their experiences and from what they say — it is the effort that counts and once you get what you have been yearning for, nothing else matters. You achieve what you want if you believe in yourself and never give up.

I am a music lover. I am fond of every rhythm and vibe produced by musical instruments. So, I always wanted to play all of the instruments; especially guitar and drums. I always dreamt of playing those instruments to my favourite songs. I tried to learn guitar but was unable to sync my rhythm with chord changes. All my friends said that I could not play the guitar ever. But I did not give up. I practiced day and night till my fingers became numb and at last I succeeded to play my tunes with confidence.

Though my so-called friends are unaware of my achievement, I need not boast of this because I am really proud of my achievement. It would be really mesmerising to see all my friends watch me on television or on some live concerts with their jaws down. I hope that day will come soon.

— Dr Inclub Dhungana, Pokhara

In the long process of learning and gaining education, a student cannot become successful by only reading those books prescribed in the curriculum. He/she must read books which are out of their course also. Truly speaking, selecting different categories of books increases knowledge level and ascends concentration of a student.

I am also a student studying in Class X. I really love to read fictions that are written by different authors. Whenever I get leisure time, I issue some books from my school’s library and I spend my holidays with the books. It’s enjoyment for me to spend my time with the books whenever I get free time. Actually, it has promoted a lot in developing studying habit in me. It helped a lot in upgrading my studies too.

One should feel proud if he/she is able to finish as many books as possible in a month. I feel proud and happy reading many books, I was even congratulated at my school for the same work.

— Eldrin Gurung, Amarsingh Chowk, Pokhara

If I am asked to pick out an achievement it would not be far from my school and college days as most of your life has been spent in education. Yet as everyone has had some kind of accomplishment in their life that they’re proud of, I have too. A few months ago, we were assigned to give a presentation in front of the entire college. But never had I in my life ever done a presentation. A fine presentation skill is what is required to be successful nowadays. So, I had to do it anyhow. I started off with the introduction confidently. So far I was doing quite well. And after I said ‘any queries’ I felt my confidence boost up. The whole mass was mesmerised and at the end I saw everyone was clapping for me. I was the best presenter among all.

— Shubham Agrawal, Kolkata, India

The one thing that I am most proud of is when my father received prizes in front of me. I cannot describe the pain I see in his palms and ache on his legs for my care. He gives me a divine hug for my achievements and its value can only be felt from the heart. Compared to material prizes this prize has immense quality. What I consider is that, those credits reduces his sufferings but the thing is that I cannot provide all the elements whatever he has given to me. I can only find the key which provides him happiness. Receiving the prizes might not be worth too much but he feels happy and so do I. I will be proud of this till our life supports us.

— Subarna Lamsal

Following my father’s advice, I had an opportunity to serve my mother in her last moments. Being a busy person and having no one to count on, my father told me not to leave my mother in his absence. I did accordingly and today I feel most proud even though I had to leave my job which of course my brother and cousin brother forced me to do.

I made up my mind to fulfil my father’s words forgetting the insults and difficulties I had to bear once she broke her leg leaving her paralysed. I wasn’t living in my husband’s home for more than a year although I made frequent short visits. People visited her during the day, but I was there all day taking care of her. There was no one, but my mum and I at night. Later, my father-in-law arranged for a servant who wasn’t physically fit, but I felt like someone is there for me as my mother was bedridden. It wasn’t an easy task. At times I had to leave her to get water from stone spout for drinking. I washed her clothes wet with urine and stool. I fed her and tried to give medicine on time. In course of time she developed bedsore due to my negligence, because changing her position at night was also my duty, but sometimes I fell asleep due to tiredness. And then a day came when she passed away at 5:00 am. Her obsequies were performed by my elder brother who was here from aboard.

Fulfilling my father’s words made me proud. I felt fulfilling his words in his absence is one of my greatest achievements.

— Pratibha Bhandari

Achievements give you direction in life. Achievement gives you a purpose in life — a reason to get up early in the morning and go to bed late night. Achievements will put drive and passion in your life. Achievements are different depending on each person. My definition of achievements is reaching to the goals.

Two accomplishments that I have achieved is graduating SLC and starting college. These two are my proudest achievements because through them I have matured from a child into a young boy. I also learned the priceless lessons and values that have helped make me the person I am today.

— Hari Ohm Bhandari, Kupondole, Lalitpur

I teach one of the remotest schools in Kavrepalanchowk district. I have great desire to have a luxurious life, until I realised that my little effort can give me immense pleasure. A few days ago on my birthday I distributed few stationery to some of the students from lower economic background. I selected the materials like colour box for those who love art but couldn’t afford to buy it and distributed it. After doing that I felt proud because my little effort inspired them and that action could impact and shape their future forever.

— Mathura Adhikari, Banepa

When I set a goal, I am all out to succeed. So far, my goals have been accomplished and I am very happy with my life. Of course, there will be some ups and downs but ultimately, I succeed achieving my goals. I am reliable and able to meet and exceed goals. I take pride in that. My ability to set goals and decide on strategies help me achieve them. It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I can say I’ve achieved or finished that task.

— Bidyaaz, Kathmandu

Though I haven’t accomplished much in life compared to most people, but what was expected of me upto now I have exceeded all those expectations and I’m proud of myself.

I would like to thank my lovely mother who played a vital role in this and continues to be the best role model in my life. She means everything to me. I’m so thankful for everything, she has sacrificed for me to be who I’m today. So, I’m proud of my own mum.

Today I’m a competitive student, best friend of colleagues, my parents’ obedient child... and still alive.

— Regmi, Kritipur

I had a horrible campus life till Bachelors level and had no idea about my own curriculum, didn’t take single lecture and was just able to pass with poor marks with the help of a month long tuition, I was too far behind my classmates. The achievement that gives me satisfaction comes after this — my Masters degree. The way I prepared for two years gave good result. I made a commitment — I will not take tuition and won’t miss a single lecture, so I was at the library whenever I had free time. I worked very hard and it was hectic, but the marks I secured on my exams makes me proud and makes me believe it is possible if you are determined.

— Churney

When I was in Class VIII there was an inter-school speech competition and I was the only one to participate from my school. I was nervous but I was well prepared so I got my result and I stood third which was a great achievement for me.

— Anonymous

I don’t know if it’s an achievement at all or not, but I am proud of myself for doing that. When I was in Class VIII, I was studying outside my compound in the vicinity of a pond. I saw a 4-year-old playing alone on the bank. After a while, I didn’t see him there. I hurried to the bank only to find him floating on the water about 15 yards away from the bank with his face submerged completely in water.

I wasted no time getting rid of my clothes. I flung myself into the water and within seconds I brought him to the bank. I carried him to my compound and pressed his stomach hard to evacuate some of the water he had swallowed and then he regained his conscience.

Even today when I meet the child’s father (who is also a teacher), tells me that I am his God for saving his only son’s life. I am not happy about the compliment as I was only doing my duty.

— Bablu Yadav, Koteshwor

I am 13 years old. I have not achieved big till now. But I will be doing so in my the near future. I have done some praiseworthy works though. There was a time when I was not so good in my studies but when I came to Kathmandu, my talent started blooming in the field of education. I got admission in boarding school this year. I stood first in my class which is a great achievement for me. I am very proud of this. My family also feels the same these days. This is due to my teachers and my elder brother Ravikant who cares for me a lot and guides me. I have also learnt to speak Nepali fluently which is also an additional achievement for me.

The most remarkable achievement for me is that I learnt the feeling of competition in educational field.

— Dilip Yadav, New Baneshwor

I was 9 years old when my family migrated. So, I had to leave my previous school, where I spent six years with my dearest friends. I went to another school which had different environment than the previous one. First day in that school was the hardest. I had nobody to talk with and nobody beside me. I kept thinking of my old friends. I even cried in the class in front of everyone.

One day, our teacher made all of us write a poem. So, I also wrote a poem titled Kishan and it was chosen for reciting on the occasion Bhanu Jayanti. Though my hands were shaking due to nervousness, I recited with melody and at last I was awarded with the third prize. Though it was just the third prize, it was the most proud moment of my life. That moment gave me happiness and helped me in the hard times of my life.

— Padma Manandhar, Bhaktapur

I remember the day when my brother and I were cycling and two women came to me and informed about the girls’ cyclying competition that was going to be held in a week and encouraged me to participate in it. From that very day I started practicing hard for the day but sadly, I wasn’t able to make it to the leading position. Fortunately, I was only one position behind the first which earned me Rs 4,000 as an award. I purchased a new saree and a daura suruwal set and gifted them to my grandparents. And then, the smiles that appeared on my grandparents’ face was more than an achievement for me and I am proud of it.

— Pooja Pokhrel, Jhapa

I have an acquaintance who was literally struggling in Class X by barely passing in three to four subjects. One day, his parents urged me to teach him and as I was free at that time I suggested him to quit going to school and spend the whole day in my house where I tried to mould his mind 24×7.

After three months of meticulous teaching and learning, he scored 81 per cent in SLC. Even if I believe it was more of his achievement, his family and he everyday make me accept that this miracle was undoubtedly my achievement.

— Rahul Upadhyay, Bhaktapur

I was such a child who wished to put a note directly into the piggy bank instead of buying a lollipop. I don’t exactly remember since when did I start saving money, but the last time was when I was in Class VII, I had enough of the amount to hand it to my dad. Years later when I broke my piggy bank and counted all the coins and notes, it amazingly summed up to Rs 50,000. This amount was more than helpful to my dad who was flying to Norway for his ME. That was the time I really understood my mum telling me that ‘saved money and life experiences never go in vain’! I think every mother should train her child with this skill like my mum did. This will remain the greatest achievements of my life.

— Barsha Yadav, Bhaktapur

The dreams we dream are always not just a dream, it can sometimes come true. I always dreamt of being a person whom everyone can easily tolerate and accept. I used to fear to go out of my home and be a part of the outer world. It was not easy for me to make people around me feel that I exist in that crowd.

But I did it. I made people feel that I am one among them. I am known for who I am. I am loved by my colleagues and friends for my positive attitude and my friendly nature. This me, has been inspired by my brother who always used to walk beside me. He used to tell me ‘though the world seems very rude to you, you always have to show your positive and calm attitude towards them’. When you do this, you will be loved by all. I followed him and his path.

I am a simple employee and have a simple life. And I am satisfied with it because I came to know myself so closely and now I know my interest is to remain happy. My brother is no more in this world but his presence is always there in my life. In my every success you are there and I am really proud of you because you are my greatest achievement ever.

— Anu Pariyar, Pepsicola, Kathmandu

I am 25 years old and I haven’t achieved a lot but there are a few things that I can be proud of like starting my own business. I wouldn’t say it was a dream come true because I never dreamt about it. It was something beyond my imagination. Out of nowhere, one morning a desire to start my own business dawned on me and the thought of owning a business made me crazy day by day. It became impossible to concentrate on anything. I just wanted to make it happen.

Without much planning, I just started my new online business and I decided that I would learn while I work. I was all alone, no network, no partners, no capital. However, I made a few links and through them and I got to start my jewellery and watch business. Today, it’s almost been a year that I have been working on my own. I enjoy doing every small to big task — either arranging meetings or providing home delivery service, I do it on my own and absolutely love it. I enjoy every bit of it. I can say that I am proud of my work.

— Barkha Jallan, Bafal

I had a dream of achieving the top rank in my class since I was in Class III. I always came second at that time, I could never win my friend who always stood first, he was talented. When we gave our final exam in Class III, I came second again. Fortunately, my friend exceeded his class in the new academic session and my roll number became one. It was not satisfying. Our first term began and we gave our exam but my dream did not come true, someone else stood first and the most surprising thing is that I came third, not even second this time. I tried a lot and finally I achieved my target in Class V.

This was the best achievement for me. I had been trying since Class III and with great effort I succeeded. Well, this is my small but indeed a special achievement that I am most proud of. I then was consistent with the first rank up to Class X. Now I have joined college and competing with lots of intellectual friends and I still dream to be in the number one position.

— Bikash Raya, Subidhanagar, Tinkune


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