Nepali lesson!:

Nigerians who have read about the decision of the government of Nepal to close down schools over lack of textbooks would, probably, be wondering what kind of people would take such a drastic step. The country’s CA election, reports claimed, affected printing of schools’ reading and instructional materials, as the period was spent printing ballot papers. The government had to resort to closing down the schools for about two weeks when it was confident textbooks would have been made available to the students. The kind of action taken by the Nepali government is, indeed, strange to Nigerians. They know that no government would bother itself with such ‘silly’ things as textbooks for the students in their country.

Many Nigerian teachers are suicide bombers, the grammatical bombs they throw in class have flattened the walls of their schools.

So, why would Nigerians not think that Nepalis were strange species of humans, who could close down sch-ools for such a trivial thing as textbooks? It is common knowledge how a Nigerian leader once confused mineral resources with Coca Cola and Fanta; another

was very popular for building a “gada” of bombshells across his state. Such leaders would not worry about lack of textbooks. Such an action is meant for strange people in a strange society like Nepal. — Nigerian Tribune