Industrial engineering

There are various courses Institute of Engineering (IOE) is providing to students in Nepal. Industrial engineering is one of the newest courses in Nepalese education with a lot of scope for the students in the near future in various aspects of professions like: manager, production engineer, technical engineer, consultant in different sectors etc.

This course consists of almost 80% of mechanical engineering and 20% of management subjects, which is a complete package for the new generation of qualified manpower. The main objective of the course is to produce young entrepreneurs in the country for the creation of job opportunities to the people.

During the course of study students study career related subjects related to design, research, machines, entrepreneurship, project management etc. The unique thing in this course is that it is a group effort and presentation, where students visit different industries in each semester and discuss information collected from the relevant industries and prepare the proposal and reports.

They present them to the supervisors, which helps to build team work, communication and presentation skills needed for quality career development .

In the final year, Project and On the Job Training (OJT) is the most important subject. Students are highly encouraged to do such projects which directly address the social problems with the uplift of technology.

On OJT, students choose the industry which they want to learn and understand. They overview the industry from the beginning of its operation to the end. During this 90 days they overview organization profile, working mechanisms, processes they follow, operations applied, Human Resource Management (HRM), strategies for decision making, price and cost estimation of products, recruitment and selection criteria for employees, technology that the industry is adopting, etc. From assignments, activities and projects carried on the industry they collect information needed, study and analyze them.

Finally, they try to find the problems of the industry, causes that result in the problems and suggest appropriate recommendations for increasing the overall productivity of the industry.

The scope for industrial engineering is high in Nepal. To deal with it the department of industrial engineering should focus on the generation of qualified industrial engineers.