Information pollution: Adverse effects

The advertisements of various products and services are even more unwanted and are completely irrelevant in most of the cases, which is causing overload of information and creating illusion among the people

With the evolution of modern human around 200,000 years ago, information has been playing a very important role for the development of human society but we have only been able to communicate through language for 100,000 years. It is believed that the genetic mutation in humans resulted in the language ability.

However, the initial form of communication was limited to sound only, with time words and sentences came into existence. Humans are the only being that have language but we are not the only one that communicates. With the development of language, we have been able to share our thoughts and emotions. There are around 6,500 spoken languages in the world. Mandarin, which is spoken by 955 million people, is the world most spoken language. In this way, people from different part of the world have been using different languages.

It is known to all that we use information as a source of knowledge for decision making in our daily life and to perform daily tasks. The age we are living is an information age with lot of advancement in information technology from modern computers to laptop computers in addition to the internet, a vast source of information. The various information systems available today are making our life easier and faster.

Internet is a wonderful communication network that connects the world and gives anyone access to billions of outlets of information anytime. This type of information helps in the advancement of education, health and business. The vast sharing of information has become possible due to the modern information technology that aid in problem solving and extend human capabilities. In this 21st century, the impact of social media on young people is significant.

Children are growing up surrounded by mobile devices and interactive social networking sites such as twitter and facebook, which have made the social media the vital aspect of the life. It is becoming clear that social networks have become a part of social life. This type of social networking sites can assist young people to become more socially capable. The purpose of such networking site is to aid humankind but it often has the adverse effect.

The information we usually access to, are not always reliable and useful. In fact most of them are useless, irrelevant, unnecessary and unasked. This is what we refer to as information pollutant. These types of information distract us from decision making and performing daily task. They are greatly misleading youth towards the wrong path. Not only youths but also almost every individual of this present age has become the victim of information pollution. We are daily accessing false and unnecessary information and wasting our time, money and energy. Due to great trafficking of porn and tons of false information, the internet has become highly addictive to most of the people and has become the huge source of information pollution.

The information pollution causes information overload and reduces the quality of information resulting in confusion along with anxiety, decision paralysis and stress to the humankind. Not only at the individual level, it also causes the loss of perspective and moral values of the society. People are now becoming less sensitive towards problems due to the low quality and large quantity of information. Not only this, but most of the so-called news channel and websites have been giving unnecessary and false information.

The advertisements of various products and services are even more unwanted and are completely irrelevant in most of the cases, which is causing overload of information and creating illusion among the people. We are subconsciously subjected to and are attracted toward the great misconception that one day will sure to lead into great disaster to humankind.

Mostly the use of the social networking sites is the greatest source of information pollution. Most of the people usually post their personal information that is useless to other. When one share something s/he likes, it is not necessary that other must like it in fact it may distract them. One may be interested in politics and may share information related to it but others may have zero interest on it. The negative and useless comment on the post is subconsciously affecting the mental health of the people.

The trend of sarcasm in the status and picture reaches to the newsfeed of a large number of people that not only hurts their feelings but also results in the conflict among castes, races, genders, communities and even countries. In fact, many of such cases have been happening every day. We all must have encountered with such cases. Let us take a simple example. One of the person may write a dedicated post to someone like this-

Nowadays people are becoming too selfish #dedicated.

He may have referred to some specific person but many of his friends may have some deal or talks with him so there remains a great possibility that this status can hurt the feelings of many of his friends though no such things has happened with them. This is a most common example. Similar big cases have already been reported many times.

Lastly, we must not forget that information is the food of mind. Information affects mental health in the same way as food affects the physical health so we must be careful while giving and taking information.