Insecure Valley

The abduction and killing of eight-year-old Dhiraj Adhikari, a second grade student of Nakkhu Shahid Dharmalal School at Sainbu, Lalitpur, is yet another reminder of the deteriorating law and order situation in Kathmandu Valley. The number of crimes has been on the rise in recent months. Incidents of abductions, extortions and lootings have skyrocketed despite the institution of Kathmandu Police Metropolitan Range to curb mounting crime rate. As a result, the government has been totally incapable of giving people a sense of security. Expressing their outrage at Adhikari’s killing, many Sainbu locals vowed to take the law into their own hands if the government fails to bring the murderers to justice. This is an indication of the waning public faith in the capacity of the government to provide security to its citizens.

It is worth mulling about what spurs the criminal elements into such serious crimes. Is it not the sense of impunity they feel at witnessing the country’s toothless law and order apparatus? There is also a perception, right or wrong, among people that police officials do the bidding of those who grease their palms. In this context, the onus is on the government to clean up the image of Nepal Police and assure common people that the police force is still committed to safeguarding the life and property of the common man.