Intellect’s block

Like the writer’s block, today I faced an intellect’s block. I found myself being so attached to past events that I couldn’t think of the present or the future. Thus I couldn’t move forward.

As a writer needs creativity so an intellect needs power and true knowledge to move on. It needs answers to the questions of why, what and how.  As I was figuring out the answer to why, suddenly I felt like why not share this state of blocked intellect with others! The moment I got this thought, my blocked intellect got unblocked.

I looked back to the past and found myself stuck and passing through the tunnel of darkness of the intellect. What helped me to come out of it?  The only answer I got was – creation of a new topic for a column. So far, whatever I have imbibed needs to be shared with others. There might be lot of people who are going through this block. Well, the true natural nature of the soul is giving, sharing the treasure of experience and knowledge.

Nowadays I find a wave of advertising and marketing through sharing of experiences to promote business. Whether it is public speaking, sales or art, they are attracting lots of customers online. Ninety minutes of webinar followed by heavy discounts, including the best take away experiences to expand the business.

Giving means growing. But what is growth?  Spiritually, whatever the intellect has learnt needs to come out in the form of action. If the action is pure, it inspires others to follow it. Pure action ignites the spark of the soul by activating a particular specialty. Suddenly there is a powerful and determined thought backed by zeal and enthusiasm to make it happen. I remember once my colleague took notes in Urdu.  It was so beautiful that I was determined to learn the script in one month. That moment was one of the wow moments of my life.  Impossible became possible and easy.  I found myself easily reading short stories in Urdu.

Intellects’ block is nothing but a sign to look into other areas to explore and experiment.  It’s a call to broaden your intellect with new learnings and experiences. Like we need variety in food, the same way intellect needs variety in the form of knowledge to imbibe and churn.  The more the intellect churns and digests new things, the more activated, creative and innovative it becomes.

The next time when faced with intellects’ block, understand it as a call for change of food for the intellect.