Internet Vs Libraries: Let’s enjoy the best of both

Although it is true that modern technology offers those seeking information certain benefits, there is no comparing the use of the Internet and the experience of visiting a good library. A library is a gift to all because libraries offer individuals the opportunity to explore and experience the very essence of the authors’ efforts, wisdom, and knowledge through the ages. We quite literally hear the voices and capture the essence of writers through time. The library is a reverent place that offers each individual, the opportunity to learn and understand if they so choose. Knowledge in the library is free to all. The Internet offers many of the same benefits, so we are truly blessed with both at our disposal.

With great appreciation, devotion, and passion for libraries, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to open The Children’s Library in Bandipur, Nepal on Monday, August 31, 2009 at 4:15pm. With the gracious help of Digumber Piya, and many donors, the library will be a place where children, teachers, and community members can visit and have the best of both worlds — a library with books and the Internet as well!

— Heather Guay,

California, USA/

Bandipur, Nepal

n Reading is the most enriching habit that brings to you a vast reservoir of knowledge. I don’t think that libraries can ever be overshadowed by online reading. Libraries still hold importance as a treasure of valuable books for people to use and gain knowledge from. Borrowing your favourite book from a library and reading it, curling up in your bed or couch is a complete pleasure and valuable too. While reading on a screen can be informative, but it can never let you feel the actual pleasure of reading. Keeping all the technological advancements aside, I believe library is superior and will always remain so for the tranquil reading environment it provides.

— Krisha Amatya

n It may seem that advancement of computers and internet has taken the acclaim that libraries once possessed. But a library has its own worth and fascination. Its worth can never be compared with computers and internet. Internet is easily accessible in urban areas, but it is not worth much where modern resources are not available. At the same time, it needs knowledge and skill, which people may lack, especially in countries like ours. In my view library overcomes all these demerits and has come up as a milestone, which remains untouched by the allure of internet. Library avails necessary documentation in systematic manner. A book is always superior because it provides detailed information. What one gains through a library remains with one for a long time and it also enhances ones study habit. A library might be less sophisticated than the internet yet it is superior and is the reason why it has pivotal value.

— Samana Tuladhar

n In this modern day and age, men are very busy and they have no time to devote their time for study by visiting a library. When they get their necessary materials from computer and internet, and is just a click away, what is the use of visiting a library? They can save their valuable time and use it for completion of their work in less time. This is the reason that people hardly visit the library though it has its own charms, it takes a longer period of time.

— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha

n In this modern, hi-tech era no one can survive without using the computer and internet. Through these means we can do anything. We can find solutions to any kind of problems that ordinary people might not be able to solve. We can find any book or any reading material in it. It is only a click away. So it does make us lazy and passive. But when we refer to books, we get bored leafing through so many books for one solution. Due to this use of libraries has been reduced to a great extent.

Although internet has become very popular, library has its own charms that cannot be replaced by modern technology. There are many advantages of a library. We can improve our reading habits, it makes us active and creative, and we can remember the things that we read in the library. Visiting a library in this modern day and age is not preferred as we live busy lives. Personally, even I do not prefer going to libraries. So, I feel libraries have been replaced by the computer and internet.

— Pankaj Nepal

n Library is a place where there is a collection of books, newspapers, magazines and journals. In other words, it is a room to read. As we know that today it is the world of computers and it is used in every sector. Nowadays, every organisation/institution has a library section. There are a few advantages of using library which the internet cannot provide such as:

One can borrow books from the library.

Pin drop silence and learning environment are the basic requirements in a library which is very beneficial while studying.

Library is beneficial for those who don’t have computer and access to internet services.

Library constitutes a variety of books, newspapers, magazines and journals at a time which we have to search on the net.

One cannot work on a computer for a long time. So, for this a hard copy is must which is available only in the library.

— Dilip Kumar Ishwar

n A library has its own charms just as a book whose pages you can smell has a different essence over the text on the computer screen. Using the computer as reference for study or work is a different thing but I personally am more comfortable with sitting with a book that I read for my own pleasure. A library not only provides the books you require but also the sound atmosphere unlike the Internet that has many distractions. Also in context of our country in the recent times, I think libraries are more accessible in comparison to the modern technologies.

— Rhea Gurung,


n For me, the most important thing in my life is a book. Therefore, library too, is important for me. Indeed, it is true that information we require nowadays is just a click away and who knows within two decades our children may start receiving education through computers. Books and libraries have been providing us information since our great grandfather’s time; however, as time passed its popularity has decreased. What I dislike about internet is that one always has to be conscious about virus threats. Being accustomed to reading books, I choose books for acquiring more knowledge on a particular subject. The main benefit of reading from papers is that one can improve ones vocabulary too. Reading from a book and reading from internet can never be the same. The pleasure of reading a book is far better than reading on the net.

— Priya Nakarmi

n Though it appears that the use of library has been reduced with the introduction of internet, yet it is not possible for internet to take over the role of library. There are a huge number of people who visit library for different purposes. I think there is a vast difference between the two. First, reading books has a more emotional touch. While reading books in library, you feel every word has a special warmth. You can feel sweet smell of each page. Flipping pages back and forth gives the impression of direct participation in its world or doing something of gravity which may not happen while reading on screen. I feel using net is very mechanical. Secondly, library has vital importance in research works. Library resources are considered more reliable than online resources. I personally cannot concentrate much when I’m using the internet. In case of a library you are privileged to read in solitude. You can borrow books and take them wherever you want to read them, be it a room or nearby a flowing river. Last but not the least, library is economically viable for those who may not have access or afford internet.

— Krishna Parajuly ‘Kushu’, Maitidevi

n There are indeed numerous advantages of a library and visiting the same compared to the using computer and internet. Firstly, the typical atmosphere of library like lots of books with shelves, big table surrounded by many chairs and people from different walks of life reading there is very charming. Anyone who faces such a scenario would be naturally tempted to read. Secondly, the feeling when you touch the pages of the books by your finger and the joy you get by turning the pages slowly along with the aroma of the books are in no way similar reading anywhere else. Thirdly, it is more relaxing and comfortable to read in a library than to stressfully use the computer and internet. Lastly, a library has its own time schedules, rules and regulations. By adhering to these schedules and regulations, you will develop the quality of being more punctual and disciplined. These qualities will help in getting success in everyday life.

— Siris Regmi,


n This is the age of technology where you can do all your work sitting inside the room with your computer. You can get all the information you need via the Internet. But when you do that you tend to just confine yourself within a room and miss out on the additional knowledge that you may get from interactions, discussions, et cetera. Sitting infront of the computer all the day may also ruin your health. So, it can be more productive and healthier when you visit a library to get information. A library is not just a place where you get books only, you get to meet different people which is one of the important aspects of visiting library. We can get varieties of books in the library including classics to contemporary works, which in itself is a good aspect. You get the opportunity to interact with people having different ideas, views, perceptions. Thus you are exposed to different ideas which itself boosts your knowledge. Besides that different ancient books which we may find in a library, broadens our knowledge about past art, literature, socio-economic condition and different aspects of society.

To sum it up, visiting library has its own value and importance that no technology can exceed.

— Samip Khatri

n Since, Nepal has many remote areas where the availability of the internet might be quite difficult, so in such cases, a library is the best option to gain knowledge. Likewise, everyone is not able to afford using the internet. So, they tend to choose the library to acquire knowledge. Similarly, a library doesn’t make people lazy rather it helps them to become more energetic so a library is more advantageous than the internet. Since, internet is too fast, when the mind skips towards negative thoughts the internet gives easy access to it. However, a library is quite different as negative thoughts are not likely to come when we are in a library. So, a library is more advantageous than internet.

— Ranjana

n A library is a house of knowledge. It has great importance in modern society too. But now, with the development of computers and internet, use of library seems to have decreases to some extent. But, I don’t think libraries can ever be replaced by internet. There is a type of excitement and joy in reading books in a library and a peaceful environment to study books in a library.

Though, searching for books and information in internet is much faster than in a library, reading books on the net is boring and hazardous as well. From a library we can read original books by many literary figures, which is quite impossible via internet. In the context of underdeveloped countries like Nepal, internet is limited to mostly urban areas only. Libraries are the only source to get books for general people who have no access to internet. So, a library has its own significance even in the era of computers and internet.

— Suraj Aryal,


n If somebody asks me what fascinates me the most in earth, I would say ‘books’. No modern technology like computers and internet can create an appropriate replacement for books and libraries because what we get in the peaceful environment in a library increases are knowledge more as compared to what we get from the internet. Libraries not only increases our interest in reading books but also advances the trend of using ones own mind. As I often visit the library and surf the internet too, I do know the difference in both. Books we get in libraries are a wholesome package and makes us learn not only about a fixed topic but much more than we expect from it. There is no doubt that internet reduces the time we spend

in libraries but the knowledge and satisfaction we

get in libraries is worth the time we spend there. Visiting libraries requires no electricity so one does not need to worry about the frequent power-cuts in a country like ours. Summing up the ideas I think libraries were, are and always will be the most charming option for readers. The knowledge of ancient times can be handed over to the next generation with the help of libraries.

— Srijana Regmi,


n Though there are lots of sources of knowledge, our brain is accustomed to a particular way of receiving information and it all depends upon our motivation towards study. Whenever I enter a ibrary, I find people reading around me with great devotion. This motivates me a lot to get focused in my own studies. There are problems as well as group discussions to solve. Altogether, learning is so lively there. I hardly forget the things that I learn this way. I think that the quality of something never decreases; it might be comparatively less prolific but stands on its own position of value. Thus, library is a place where one can

learn not only mentally

but also being emotionally and psychologically active and its value can never

be abated with the


— Sudarshan Dhakal, Pokhara

n Before the development of such advanced technologies our ancestors were fully dependent on libraries. They could only read books and library was the main source for these books. But now, situations have totally changed, we can do everything we want in our home only because of the advancement of modern technology. Yes of course, we can see, watch and

learn everything we

want from the computer

or internet but a library

has its own charm which cannot be replaced by


There are many advantages of visiting a library in this modern day such as - we can enjoy the peace and the silence there, it does not cost a lot and it even reduces the energy crisis that is happening right now and the most important thing is that there we just don’t gain knowledge but also get a chance to meet different scholars, professors and even friends.

Hence, in my opinion though the world has become more advanced and we get a lot of facilities from it but the charms of a library will always remain the same forever.

— Suyam Vaidya