It’s hope all the way

Amid the divisive and reactive political scenario chequered by petty upheavals, paradoxes and rows, Dashain has got into the every home yard. At times, Nepalese have got rid of decade-long bloody insurgency; it has heralded the onset of little bit therapeutic festivity to all in general. Nevertheless, political confrontation, grievances and cacophonies, unbearable price hike of daily commodities and nerve-wrenching accidents are not over. Dashain, in this sense, has come as a strain as well that the common people have to afford everything and manage wisp of happiness to share despite the plight of complications.

Commoners seem to be overwhelmed by the festive frenzy. Notwithstanding their traumas of bloody violence yet to be healed, people want to share sympathetic and light moments, greetings, blessings and hugs with their relatives. They want to simmer with merriment and cherish the occasional happenstance. Walking through green, fresh landscapes, finding peace and serenity, meeting friends and relatives, sensing native surroundings rejuvenates them in the distant topographies.

Actually, Dashain is the festival of coalescence and togetherness, bonding and conjuring happiness, new clothes and delicious cuisines, rest and recreation, Tika, Jamara and blessing. Celebrating the fiesta on commemoration of the victory of Durga Bhawani, deity of divine power, over ruthless demons is religious antiquity; it has, therefore, a great cultural significance predominantly.

We are heading towards in pursuit of sustainable progress and prosperity yet miles away. The situation is still painful and unstable. At this juncture, we all have to double the feeling of mutual understanding and reciprocity, commonality and fraternity so that everyone can not only celebrate the festival to the fullest but also preserve decency and civility in the society and vitalize the festive niche. We need communal harmony and co-operation, tolerance and encouragement. All we need is the end of jealousy and enmity, animosity and atrocity, show-off and hypocrisy, bloodshed and cruelty. On the top, the way we celebrate the festival should conserve the cultural values.

May the festival bring all Nepalese ever-lasting peace, prosperity and the moments of sheer elation.