You must be wondering why I am telling you about the books I read growing up.

It’s just that a while ago a realisation hit me – that I always read fiction.I grew up reading about fairies and princesses in castles. I read about magic that would undo all evil. I read that no matter what, there is a happily ever after waiting for you at the end of every story. The good always win. You will get what you seek. But life is no fairy tale, is it? Your life is not based on a happy-ending book. Try as hard as you might, things have their own way of unfolding.

They have a mind of their own. You cannot control what happens, you have to adjust

to what life throws at you.All my life I had been living in a bubble. The world is a rude place. It loves giving rude surprises. Sometimes, I take a second and ponder but I don’t know what to think. Is all that I have been believing all my life been a lie? What do I make of this world? And the people in it? —