Jane Austen and her works

English literature is vast and carries its own uniqueness. A myriad of writers have contributed to increase and enhance the richness of literature. However, several years ago many female writers had to face plenty of challenges initially to get their works of art published. They would often resort to using male pseudonyms or publishing anonymously.

With time, women challenged the patriarchal hold on literature and stood against all odds, creating and leaving a tremendous impact on this field. Some of their writings were filled with pathos, anxiety, pain and trauma whereas some celebrated marriage, love, happiness and motherhood.  Eventually society accepted and incorporated works by female authors into mainstream literature. Jane Austen, one of the 18th century English female writers, produced profound works of art on the wonders of marriage. However, the author herself was unmarried throughout her life. I encountered this fact only recently when I was going through a newspaper. It left my jaw hanging. I read every word of the article carefully and took more time than usual so as to make sure not to miss any detail.

I recalled some lines from her novels: beautifully written descriptions of marriage with the power to compel anyone to walk down the aisle without a shadow of doubt in their minds regarding the purity and wonder of marriage. As strange as it sounds, the mastermind behind those beautiful creations had such profound knowledge on something that she herself never experienced.

She wrote less than a dozen novels but the legacy those works have left behind are peerless. Her sharp portrayals of bitter irony and social reality have earned her critical acclaim and have held audiences captive for several centuries. Her novels portray the female inclination towards marriage — whether it’s for the sake of achieving economic or social stability. Her heart-touching depictions of common people, places and incidents serve enable us to relate with her characters and plotlines.

Austen is one of the most popular and widely read authors of all time. Though it has been 200 years since her death, thousands of people worldwide still admire her works. The footprints that she had left in the field of English literature are inerasable. Personally, I grew fond of her after I read Sense and Sensibility. I quickly devoured two other novels by her: Pride and prejudice and Emma.