Journaling to understand yourself better

Do you believe in the power of habits? Our habits define us; they are the foundation for what we aim to build in the long run. We all have our own set of habits that we have established, but there are a few that most of us can share for a more positive life.

And, journaling is one of them. Basically, it is the process of recording experiences, or whatever comes in the mind in the form of writing.

Being caught up in our daily life — be they studies, work, meetings, social media, or any other kind of engaging activity, they require so much of our attention. It’s rather easy to be caught up with what life throws at us that it drains us, more than we realise it. Don’t we need to have time to attend to our emotions? Our well-being?

For this, all you need are two simple things, a notebook and a pen, and to complement them, a few minutes of time. Now, simply begin writing. Don’t relate it to a writing class where you will be evaluated. Just let go of everything that’s on your mind onto the paper.

Don’t look for topics. Had a good time with someone you love? Write it. Baffled about

how things are going at work? Pen it! Anything will do. Just let the pen take its course, and emotions flow with the ink. The positive results in your behavioural pattern will show up gradually.

Journaling can help your mind to organise your thoughts better, analyse them with a fresh perspective and help

develop your mental well-

being. Simply understand, it’s like you are talking to a friend who will listen to you for hours and hours without being judgmental. Don’t you feel like you need this?

How much time do you allot for self-reflection? Journaling is a space which belongs to just you, and it can help you gain clarity. It would be amazing

if you can get up early every

day and take ten to fifteen minutes of your time to write. It’s also fine if you can’t journal on a regular basis. Doing it once or twice a week can also help a

lot, and the decision of the time you spend on it is completely up to you.

Even various studies done in many parts of the world have shown that writing journals can be beneficial to both mental and physical contentment.

So, are you going to start this habit that might enable you to explore your thoughts better? This writing is also an outcome of my habit of journaling, and I truly enjoy it, and it has yielded positive results. Don’t think much; just write!