Pregnancy experiences for many women are lifetime memories. One never forgets them. Each of the smallest twinges, the first time the baby movef and kicked, the first time one felt a craving for something, each small experience is like a memory cell that always haunt women, for the rest of the life.

Motherly yearnings are a natural and integral part of every woman’s psyche. This is why she experiences a deep, new sense of fulfillment when she conceives a child, a feeling that grows at every stage of the pregnancy.

When she gives birth, this sense of completeness reaches its peak. This is the source of her inner strength that helps her to undergo the extremely painful process. Once the child is born, she simply overflows with love and tenderness; she becomes completely wrapped up in nurturing and cherishing the new baby.

These changes in a woman’s being (psyche) during pregnancy and childbirth are surely part of the grand plan of nature. This is evident, not just in the human race, but throughout the entire animal kingdom too.

Motherhood is a deep and intense part of a woman’s life with the birth of a child, a new mother is born too. Earlier she was a wife or daughter-in-law, now suddenly she is a mother. A first-time mother pours her heart and soul into her newborn.

This is what gives her utmost satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. This is the way nature has meant it to be. Nurturing her baby becomes her primary pre-occupation, her world. This is nature’s special arrangement in woman’s psyche. Just as a woman enjoys and pleasures of motherhood, a man too can drive much joy from becoming a father.

In fact, at this time, a couple has the opportunity to experience a new kind of intimacy, a closeness and bonding. This is a great opportunity indeed, which should not be

wasted. It can provide the basis for an emotionally solid and sustainable martial relationship.

Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one says Gloria Steinham. No matter, how difficult things were during pregnancy. The baby, a wonder living miracle, makes mother forget all the pain she has undergone.