Land rights for all

From East Asia, South Asia, and Africa to Latin America, disaster events such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes are on the rise, destroying homes and claiming lives. Climate change is making it worse.

Extreme weather is hitting us harder and more frequently as the planet warms , causing greater losses. Let’s take a look at cities.

According to our recently published report called “Investing in Urban Resilience,” by 2030, without investment into making cities more resilient, natural disasters may cost cities worldwide approximately $300 billion each year, and climate change is likely to push more than 70 million people into poverty. Women, children, the elderly, and those with disabilities are likely to be the most affected.

Facing such devastating impacts, how can countries around the world help cities and communities increase resilience , safeguard lives, and protect properties? Well, there’s one thing they must do: securing land rights for all... —