Travelling solo is a trend that is growing rapidly. According to statistics, in 2017 there were more people who travelled alone than in group of family or friends. Travelling is part of life mostly in Europe, the United States, Australia and some parts in Asia. The trend of travelling alone, however, is yet to catch up in Nepal. Nepali parents in general are reluctant to accept the idea of solo travelling. Even if you decide to travel alone, chances are high that you won’t get the required money. This reluctance emanates from their concern about your safety, which cannot be ruled out as well. The first reaction from parents may be something like: “You are not old enough to travel alone.” If you push, it could result in arguments. In other parts of the world, people usually start travelling alone when they are about the age of 18 to early 20s. Most of the parents agree because they have done the same thing and want their kids to have the experience. While I was working in customer service in Australia, the people I worked with were mostly saving to go backpacking in Europe for six-seven months or for an indefinite period. Once I asked one of my colleagues: “All alone?” and pat came the reply: “That’s one of my dreams.” He was doing his bachelor’s and was in his first year, trying to make sense of this world. So he thought studying was not a good idea; exploring the world was. He quit university, worked for a whole year, saved some money and off he went “to explore the world”. Quite a bold move on his part! Many Australians of my age would tell me they had either been to Europe or Asia or were planning and saving to go there. They used to tell me the adventure and exposure and meeting with new people made them confident. But things are not easy in Nepal. It is very difficult to save money here for the young ones for travelling; majority of them are dependent on their parents. Nonetheless, travelling alone should be encouraged. There should be opportunities for young boys and girls to work and earn. Travelling alone does not mean everyone has to go to Europe or foreign countries. There are a number of places within the country. Parents also should encourage their children to travel. It helps in personal development as well. Travelling provides a wonderful opportunity for learning as we meet different people and deal with different communities. Let them travel solo.