Interest of the people
The NC President GP Koirala and the UCPN (Maoist)Chairperson Prachanda are reported to have met for half an hour. Half an hour is pretty long time and the people of the country seem to be
extremely interested in learning the full details of the meeting that has direct impact on their
destiny. I would like to opine that the full details of the meeting
between the topmost political parties should be jointly revealed to convince the people of their sincere attempts at unlocking the political deadlock in the country.
V.P. Sayami, via e-mail
Once again
The locals have once again
disrupted the disposal of garbage at Aletar landfill site. Once again we can expect to see garbage
accumulate in the capital. Time and again we hear about
demands being made by the
locals and most of them being met. However, the locals allege that the authorities have not made good their commitments. The locals might have a valid
reason for not allowing the garbage to be dumped in the landfill site as the garbage is not managed as it should be, thereby, emitting odious stench and also become unhygienic. The
authorities should live up to their commitments and the locals for their part should not come up with unreasonable demands. An agreement should be reached and adhered to so that the garbage disposal process does not get obstructed repeatedly.
Asish Shrestha, via e-mail
That there are plans afoot to ban LPG-run three wheelers from the capital’s streets has many people worried for this is one of the cheapest and reliable means of commuting. These tempos also provides a mean for livelihood for many people. I cannot
understand why these are to be taken off the road. I always
believed that they were less
polluting than the petrol or diesel powered vehicles. But, more than anything else, the electric
powered vehicles ought to be promoted as they are
non-polluting and
environment friendly.
Rather it is heard that the Safa tempos are becoming
increasingly not viable
economically. The operators of these tempos should receive
incentives and they should
be promoted.
Ramesh Dhital, via e-mail
This is in reference to the news item “Attack on Customs’ official condemned (THT, Nov. 4). It is indeed shocking that
government employees have to face manhandling and other
humiliating attacks on numerous occasions. One should realize that most of them are only trying to do their job the best way they can. The attack on the Customs’ officer is indeed deplorable and should be condemned in the strongest possible manner. These types of action by the miscreants are clearly aimed at lowering the morale of the civil servants. As such, there should be
arrangements to provide security to the government employees.
Umesh Khadka, via e-mail
The Maoist party has already
announced plans to picket
Singha Durbar and blockade the capital. So Nepal’s security forces have been placed on high alert in the wake of nation wide protests launched by the Maoists. It is clear that the Maoists have violated the spirit of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement by announcing plans to blockade the Kathmandu
valley. This is not a democratic way to press for their demands, so I request the Maoists not to do this type of illegal work. Yes,
they have the right to organize peaceful protests, but in the name of peaceful protests they should not forget the rule of law. I think the government should still try to control such events through group consensus.
Roshan Kumar Jha, Kathmandu School of Law, Bhaktapur
This is in reference to the
editorial “Roaring to survive” (THT, Nov 2). It is a very alarming that the tigers are now on the verge of extinction. The Asian countries house many species at the edge of the precipice. In the context of Nepal, the tiger has a significant role in attracting wildlife lovers. The western
visitors are keen to visit our country owing to the presence of such exotic animals.
The poachers have been
unrelentingly hunting such
animals from our forests, and parks, and the state has failed to check their activities. The state should take concrete initiatives to arrest rampant poaching of the endangered species.
Shiva Neupane, Melbourne,