Pre-paid mobiles

This refers to "No sweet tune for government as NT bears loss," published in THT on May 2. Given the closure faced by the mobile sector following the February 1 move, Nepal Telecom was bound to bear heavy losses. That had also affected mobile import, which

automatically meant a cut down in revenue the government received. The others affected include the mobile dealers and those engaged in mobile set maintenance.

Though the government has now partially resumed the service, NT will continue to bear a marginal loss. This is because more than 130,000 users pre-paid service, which is not yet

likely to resume anytime soon.

Moreover, the resumption of service has also been denied to certain sectors and individuals whose use of mobile service exceeds that of the general users. That will also incur loss revenue loss to the government.

The government has revoked emergency orders, released political leaders, and some normalcy on other sectors also seems to be gradually returning. I hope that the ban on pre-paid service will also be lifted soon.

Kiran Thapa, Bhaktapur


This is in response to a news article "Husband-killer arrested" published in THT on May 2. The news could have included several other informative angles without which it appeared quite incomplete. It said that the five-year-old son of Bishnu Dhakal, who had killed her husband Rabi Lal, told his grandmother about the incident that had occurred on April 29 and thus the crime came to light.

But what occurred on April 29 besides the execution of the crime is not explained. Crimes like

this would prove quite useful in determining several aspects of a crime. Such information is helpful in crime research that could assist the police in the future for investigation of similar other cases.

Nibha Vaidya, via e-mail

Momo risk

One of the most popular businesses that can be started without a big capital investment is the momo business. Everyone thinks that momos could be sold almost anywhere in

Kathmandu and adjacent areas. It is true that momos is popular and has rescued several families from the cycle of unemployment.

Despite being a rage among the non-vegetarians, not all of the eateries in town take care to cook them properly. This is partly because the clientele includes busy office-goers and workers who have very little time to spare during the day. This haste keeps both the

consumer and the cook busy, which is why, there is hardly any time to cook the fritters properly. Half cooked meat could be a source of serious parasitic ailments like Teaneasis. This disease, caused by tapeworms, starts showing up when the spores called the onchoshperes get into the circulatory system through improperly cooked buff meat.

The young ones or the spores could migrate to the vital organs including the brain. Such incidents are life threatening.

The only way to avoid getting infected from tapeworms is to consume properly cooked meat.

If the government is silent about monitoring the momos catered by the umpteen momo centres in town, tapeworms could become a menace in the long run.

Amit Subedi, Samakhusi