Overseas studies

I am unable to comprehend the reasons behind the increasing inclination of today’s youth towards overseas studies. I am not opposed to the idea of going abroad to learn but what surprises me is the students’ pessimism towards the education system at home. Unfortunately this attitude has led to brain drain and an exodus of students

going overseas for studies. They do not even come back because of the lure of nice

paying jobs there. But these young people should also understand that there are

opportunities even in Nepal. It is the moral responsibility of the educated youth to be

involved in development works in their own country, otherwise what will happen to their motherland?

Biplav Koirala, Putalisadak

Lift ban

The state-owned Radio Nepal has banned the transmission of BBC 103 FM, which was

operating in Kathmandu for past six months. I was taken aback by it, which is an

irresponsible step, that too without giving any reason for taking such a step. This is also an outright breach of the contract signed between the two institutions.

It also seems illogical as BBC has been paying hefty sum to Radio Nepal for using latter’s frequency. The decision will curtail income source for Radio Nepal in a way. And if BBC has violated any rules of license, Radio Nepal should cite them clearly. To be pragmatic, many

Kathmanduites like me have been enjoying the BBC radio service at minimal cost, which has been now curtailed for no good reason. BBC was not only updating its listeners on world news but also a lot of people were deriving educational benefit out of it. I hope the concerned authority will review the decision and that BBC service would be resumed soon.

Ishwor Manandhar,

Thahity Tole

Punk music

I have seen many people addressing rock singers as “punks”. But how many of us really know what punk music is? Many people say that Avril Lavigne and Green Day are punk singer/band. But I don’t think they are punk singers. Punk music is loud, fast moving form of rock music with crude and aggressive effects. In my opinion punk rock died between 70s and 80s.

If we listen to Avril’s song or music, we can easily distinguish it as pop/rock

music. And Avril has never said that she is a punk singer. Many news services in Nepal address Avril as punk princess. But she is not a punk singer. She belongs to pop/rock culture. And the same goes for Green Day. Their latest album ‘American idiot’ contain songs which are related to politics and by definition it is obvious that punk music does not relate to any kind of political affairs.

Pradipna Nepal, Kathmandu

Idol theft

A year since the statue of Dipankar Buddha was returned from abroad, another equally important statue of Shankar Narayan has disappeared from the Pashupatinath temple, a

UNESCO World Heritage Site. If the state of artefact and cultural heritage in such

important locations are so pathetic, how can we rest assured that other similarly prized cultural possessions are safe? The police must leave no stone unturned to find out the culprit. It is good that the security agencies have already interrogated some individuals from whom a clue might emerge leading to the actual miscreant. Statues and artefacts that are heritage

possessions must be preserved by one and all. They are not there waiting to be pillaged.

Shiva Adhikary, Birgunj