Developing Ayurveda:

The plethora of herbal and mineral resources within Nepal has not been utilised properly. Ayurveda which utilises these resources has not received due attention from the Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RONAST). Much is talked about medicinal plants but no one has suggested about its areas of application. Ayurveda is that medical science which has huge application for these medicinal plants. Unless RONAST disseminates the knowledge of Ayurveda its quest for researches on medicinal plants will not deliver wide scale benefits. The prime duty designated to RONAST at the time of its inception was to develop and propagate indigenous science and technology. It has failed to execute its primary responsibility by neglecting Ayurveda, which is the national medical system of Nepal. Despite abundant natural resources Nepal has to import 80 per cent of Ayurvedic medicines from other countries. To perk up this pitiful scenario RONAST should incorporate Ayurveda in its institutional umbrella and should move towards strengthening and enhancing Ayurvedic knowledge by cooperating with academic institution to promote Ayurvedic education through Institute of Medicine (Tribhuvan University), Mahendra Sanskrit University and Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training.

Sushil Dahal, BAMS, Institute of Medicine


I am a frequent visitor to your lovely country. But I am disheartened to notice that the government of Nepal and the INGOs there are not doing enough to preserve and enhance the serene beauty of Nepal from further degenerating into a heavily polluted wasteland. Most of your industries are without any means of treating the effluence which they are discharging either into the holy rivers or in the nearby fields, and I am told that you do not have pollution control board directive to check the waste being dumped anywhere without meeting certain standards. We can still wake up and do something about the way we leave this world for our children.

Nirmalya Guchaita, Kolkata

Be strong:

The political parties along with the so-called intellectuals are jointly united to further worsen the situation of the country by purposely confusing the ordinary people with their glib and ambiguous talks which change everyday. Each of them has a unique theoretical solution to solve the present political crisis that they shamelessly declare it in newspapers and on television programmes to prolong and delay the process of change and solution of the problem facing the Nepalis. The people want results and that too, quickly. The media should form a strong front to protect the people from being misled further. I feel that hard hitting and researched reporting by the journalists can save the country from corrupt and selfish politicians. There are corrupt people and criminals in the government offices, in politics and in public life who can be easily exposed without the use of gadgets like hidden camera or transmitters because these people have become very bold and feel that nothing can touch them. President Nixon was impeached and many men in power were brought down to their knees by justice with the help of the power of pen. So I request all the journalists to use their knowledge and power to bring these “untouchables” to book which could bring the much needed change in our country.

Dorji Tsering Sherpa, Galfutar