Stop being modest Bamadev Gautam seems to be very angry at the decision of the CPN-UML leadership that is likely to send new faces with “clean image” to join the Deuba cabinet. By calling his fellow comrades incompetent and inexperienced, he showed his immature temerity recently Does he mean to say that experience is an innate quality? Does he want to pose only himself as the sole competent leader?

A person’s performance cannot be foretold without observing him or her at the job. And for it, new faces are to be entrusted with the job. For instance, he got chance to hold the portfolio of the Home Ministry and gathered experience. The public will never forget what he did when he was the Minister and the public knows how efficient he was! The CPN-UML’s decision is wise. Like a disciplined member of a party, Gautam too should abide by it. He should understand that self-praise is no recommendation.

Bishnu Sharma, Kathmandu 


The girls recently rescued from an Indian circus team have said that they were sent to join the circus by their own relatives. Their families are poor and in turn dependent only on their income. Though the girls are taking safe haven at Maiti Nepal’s office in Nepalgunj at present, they will be handed over to their respective families soon. Some of the girls have said that if they do not get good jobs in the country, there will be no option left for them but to go back to the same work. This reflects that they are worried about the economic condition of their families. Thus, the government and all the concerned organisations should provide them with a means of earning a good source of income. And the girls should be sent to school so that they could learn kills for a better future. Instead of going to school, they are bearing the burden of their families. If the girls were from well-to-do background, they would never had to bear such a burden at a tender age. The government should launch poverty alleviation programmes to uplift the down trodden and education should be ensured to all.

Ramesh Neupane, Mahankal


Almost all urban areas in the country, including the capital city, seem to be unable to manage the waste because of rapid urbanisation and haphazard settlements. Though the municipalities are supposed to look after new settlements in their respective areas, they seem to be irresponsible and inept. Because of the negligence of such agencies, people have been compelled to live in an unhealthy environment. People pay tax for good service, but the municipalities have not been able to deliver. There was no problem related to garbage in Chitwan some years ago. People used to live in a hygienic environment within the periphery of the unicipality. However, things have totally changed now. Be it the main market at Narayangarh or residential areas like Bharatpur that fall under the Municipality, one can see garbage scattered all over the place. It is because the Municipality does not have a proper system of solid waste management. The foul smell from the heap of decaying garbage annoys all mostly during summer. People are unable to walk through the roads and streets as well. The condition becomes more horrible in rainy season. There is always a fear of outburst of an epidemic among the people. It is high time the authorities concerned heed to people’s suffering. The Municipality should be responsible to the public in imparting services for whom it has been designed.

Ambika Pandey, Chitwan