Let’s find a solution

It is appalling to know that all those involved in politics have brought the already impoverished and battle-weary people to their knees. Their movement has aided the rebellion’s activities and it has further intensified the crisis. Only one thing we can see everywhere is anarchy. Though a few people might not be affected by this anarchy, it is everybody’s responsibility to maintain discipline and a proper system in the country. Let bygones be bygones and let’s find a way out of this chaos.

Karuna Vaidya, via e-mail

Wrong way

The Maoists, the King, and the agitating parties are involved a tri-polar conflict. They claim that they are fighting (with each other) for the benefit and well-being of the people. However, the people are not convinced that they could get relief from this futile tussle. When would peace be restored in the country? It still remains to be a vague question. The people are left stranded amid sufferings and hardship. Bandhs, strikes, blockades and moreover, the myopic vision of powers-that-be and those aspiring to wield it have done nothing for the people except harassing them.

Ganesh Niraula, via e-mail


The word “fashion” is very popular among the youth. However, in modern context, it is very difficult to interpret it’s meaning. For the youth, anything that is new is fashion. A quick walk along the streets of Kathmandu may give an inkling of attraction and affinity of the people towards it. There was a time when girls used to keep short hair and boys used to keep long hair. Some used to bleach their hair stylishly weird and display it in different styles, not to mention the attire prevalent all in the name of fashion. When one sees these baroque youth, one is left to wonder whether they are really doing it on their own. Fashion in itself is not a bad thing. However, nowadays the purpose of putting on clothes has lost its decent significance. It seems the young people, especially girls, wear dresses that expose more than they cover. Being well-dressed is a superb idea to look gentle, lest those wearing them loses their individuality. Folks get into the fashion world, but don’t give up civilisation!

Saurav Adhikari, via e-mail

Sinister plots

The inventor of the art of movie making would have never imagined that his invention would bring a revolution in the world of entertainment. However, the violence that has been used as a “masala” in movies have a negative impact on youngsters. Impressed by such action, the youth emulate the criminal activities. Sometimes, they imitate the movies and get into trouble. At present when terrorism has been a global nuisance, it is quite obvious that the presentation of indecent violence in the screen would give perverse lessons to the developing individuals. Most of the movies display the details of sinister plots. And from these movies criminals would get more ideas to build up their future plans. Isn’t it a crime to promote crime? Bhushan C Adhikari, via e-mail


Cricket lovers in the country felt annoyed to find The Himalayan Times not covering the news on victory of a Nepali team over a team from Karnataka in a cricket match last week. Moreover, your newspaper missed another news on international cricket — it did not cover the news on a match between the West Indies and Bangladesh.

Yadav Ghimirey, via e-mail