Learn from neighbour

For the past few days, the Monarch has been looking for a person with a “clean image” for the privileged post of prime minister. However, there seems no consensus candidate.

Look at India. The Congress is working towards finding a person with clean image as their next PM amidst similar political crisis there. It can be pointed here that the Congress and its allies have no reservation in accepting Manmohan Singh as the prime minister. He was a successful finance minister during Narshima Rao’s government, who brought important economic reforms. As a politician, he is very careful with his speech and action, which makes him one of the least controversial figures in Indian political arena. Given the similar political crises faced by both the countries, we may learn some lessons from them. Also, our politicians should learn to make sacrifices like Sonia Gandhi’s when it comes to tackling national crises, instead of being power hungry all the time.

Loday Sherpa, via e-mail

Foreign origin?

With the unexpected things turning in the Indian political scenario, Sonia Gandhi has declined the post of prime minister. But one thing I was jolted was by the BJP taking up the issue of “foreign origin.” The election results should have opened their eyes, as the Indian people flatly denied the issues taken up by the BJP, including that of nationality. What one should understand is that the voters did not have concerns about a person carrying the legacy of “Gandhi dynasty” and their successor as a threat to India’s national security. Democratic values should promote brotherhood not any type of extremism. So, the threat of boycotting the swearing in ceremony of the prime minister of a country, cannot be worthy of a party

believing in people’s mandate.

Amit Sharma, VS Niketan


The recent news on Nepali women achievers peeved me. I almost agree with Nari’s selection of the “almighty goddesses.” It is an awesome idea to “deify” people who have contributed to the society. Cheers, I’m with you! On the contrary though, I am a bit appalled to find Rani Gurung Kakshapati being crowned as goddess Saraswati. I remember Rani had published an article titled “If education is expensive, try ignorance” in THT on May 28, 2003. The article was endemic with platitudes and “damn-care” pomposity, which by no natural standard is typical of goddess Saraswati that we know of. I would, thus, request all to do some reality checking for future gala so that you do not miscalculate and make a mockery of the entire show. Biswas Gurung, Pokhara


The article titled “Political awareness in youth” published in Midway caught my attention. Obviously, we cannot escape from politics no matter how disinterested we might be in this issue. Just as children cry when they are hungry or when they feel uncomfortable, the same is the instinctive reaction of all people towards politics. Politics is one subject none can escape from because it affects our lives in some way or the other. Moreover, youth should be more conscious about political affairs.

Sumy Gurung, Pokhara

More space

I like “Face of the week segment” on Saturdays. The space you have provided for the portrait of the participant is not adequate. This space is not enough to idealise the true essence of the subject. Ujjol Thapa, Bhaktapur