Political instability

Couple of days back I had to rush to office from my house to attend a staff meeting. I ran to the nearby road to catch a taxi where I witnessed a frightening sight. There were police and army officials carrying loaded guns, traffic was blocked and a huge crowd of the pedestrians gathered. This reminded me of the time when America attacked Iraq. My thought at that moment was are my people going for a war? On inquiring about the purpose behind this, I discovered that there was going to be an “Andolan” in Ratnapark organised by five agitating

parties. Whatever the case, I was sure to miss my meeting. But this incident confirmed that the political instability facing the country is growing by the day.

Jay Niraula, via e-mail

Dismal state

“Misfortune never comes alone” is an apt saying in the Nepali context. There are numerous problems facing the country. We have bandhs every alternative day, there is rising scarcity of drinking water, movement of the political parties is gaining ground, corruption is on the rise,Kathmandu is flooded with people from every corner of the country and many others. All development projects, facilities and opportunities are focused inside the Valley alone. The strikes and bandhs directly affect daily wage earners. The sudden increase in the price of groceries and other eatables has become a major issue among the middle class and the so-called democratic leaders are busy in their own claims and fights. In this situation who is going to think about the worries of the common people? Someone should look at the public grievances.

Jyoti Dewan, Lazimpat

Student rights

Through this letter, I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the gross violation of student rights by the security personnel. I was surprised when I was stopped by the police officers standing at entry point of Trichandra College when I went to attend classes the other day. Is this not a violation of student’s rights? When I asked the security personnel why were the students being questioned, the answer was that they were simply following orders from their seniors. Such interference by security personnel at the educational institutes should be stopped immediately. Else, it may invite serious trouble like the kind we witnessed some months back. I would request all the concerned bodies and people to look into the matter seriously before it is too late.

Milan Gurung, TC

Friendly effort

This is in reference to the article titled “Young summiteers on peace mission” published on April 1. I felt ashamed of being a Nepali youth after reading the piece. Being a Nepali what I haven’t been able to do was carried out by those foreigners. The group, all the way from America, is about to carry out a mission for the sake of peace and harmony in Nepal. I genuinely salute their effort and pray for their success. At the same time, I hope that all the enthusiastic youth across the country would learn a lesson from these energetic guys.

Gokul Subedi, Basundhara

Good Midway

I could not have started my day more optimistically after reading Buddhi Gautam’s Midway article titled “Great small pleasures.” I agree that smallest things in life can give you greatest happiness. I want to congratulate the author for writing such a good piece.

Ankita Shrestha, via e-mail