Increasing Maoist attacks

The ongoing struggle between the Maoists and the government cannot be ignored. Periodic attacks on army barracks and public places are frequent. An armed rebellion by the Maoists against the government rule that started some eight years ago have now reached the

people, which has affected their civil liberty. This is going to have an immense impact not only now but for the future generation as well.

Violence is not the solution to any problem. It always invites hatred and takes away lives of innocent people. I request all concerned authorities to wake up and design a solution before Nepal faces another Israel-Palestinian type of never ending crisis.

Rajesh Chaudhary, Balkhu


I have noticed that THT has stopped giving the programme schedule for Ten Sports. This is sad for sports-lovers. It would be nice if you could give details about wrestling matches for the benefit of wrestling fans.

Sukriti K C, via e-mail

Stop debating

This is in reference to the letter titled "Gang fight" by Shital Subba dated March 24. It is true that late Roshan Ale had some bad police records in his past, but if that is true he would still be in jail and alive. Leaving his past behind, he was living happily with his family and was running a gift shop at Kumarigal. It’s true that he was the head of "Rasta gang" but this gang is not a group of killers. A group came to his shop and tried to attack his friend and Ale lost his life while trying to save his friend. This is in the police report also.

If Shital and her friend had problems with Roshan, what were they doing at his funeral? These types of debate will hurt his family. His family is helpless because they don’t have anyone to support it. Neither do they have any high ranking officer in police or army to help them nor can they afford to bring this case to media. So if the media houses like The Himalayan Times show some interest in this case it would be easy to find where the killers are roaming freely.

Amit Shah, Kumarigal


As a regular reader of your newspaper, I would like to draw your attention towards the Life and Style page of The Himalayan Times. Though this page contains entertaining write-ups, I would like to suggest that it would be better if you start a "literacy section" containing poems,

short-stories, songs, verses from novels, jokes etc. This is going to make the page much more attractive for the readers.

Jeevan Pudasaini, Balaju


The term education has a deeper meaning. In a literal sense, it means getting

knowledge and values which are applicable to our daily lives. It is education that teaches people to be civilised and trust worthy. People round the world are stressing the importance of education for the betterment of humans.

Education can bring about useful changes in the world like in the development sector. Education also brings in opportunities. Today, students all over the world are given

adequate chances to read, write and speak widely in different languages.

Competition is increasing and thus the importance of education too. Some years down, we will have more literate people and many specialists in various fields. Numerous number of

development projects will be on in every nook and corner of the world. There is need for a stronger education system in Nepal.

Raju Roka, Gaighat