Bandhs a real menace

We are sure we are not alone in getting fed up with the frequency with which these so called “bandhs” are called by some undesired elements. We would like to appeal to those who think that bandhs are a solution to every trifle disagreement with either the government or any other aspect of the public life.

Those calling for a bandh must realise that it inflicts heavy loss to the national economy when business across the country comes to a screeching halt. Bandhs affect those who earn wages on a daily basis, not the big shots who have no qualms about feeding their children and

family. We would like to express our gratitude to those who defy the bandhs and opposed them by opening shops and going for the work as usual. The nation must really fight back this malaise.

Ramesh, Hari, Jivan and Anup, Pokhara


I am very impressed by Rakesh Wadhwa’s article about the economic prosperity of

Shanghai, China. Although, our country has embraced democratic ideals, we are lagging far behind other South Asian nations. The cause for this is excessive corruption and political instability.

Prevailing graft has meant that despite all the efforts to curb it, aid from other countries somehow finds its way to the private purse of the high and mighty. And all this, when people in villages continue to suffer. Poverty stalks every village, banks are almost bankrupt, and the

people have little else than hoping against hope.

The lessons from Shanghai, therefore, must provide us a model of development even though our ability to go for such large-scale development projects might be inadequate.

Harihar Poudel, Pokhara


An incident that took place in a primary school in my locality really touched me. A school teacher was shouting at the students, some as young as seven. Next day the same teacher even undressed a child in front of the staff and forced him to take a bath with cold water on a windy afternoon. The little kid was crying and begging for forgiveness but instead, the teacher paraded him in front of all the schoolmates. Later on, I came to know that the child was being punished for a simple reason that he had not accomplished his daily assignments.

This type of rude and lunatic act on the part of the school teacher is very disgraceful. A child is always innocent no matter how big a mistake he makes, and the urge to study and behave properly cannot be imposed by physical force. Children are virtually independent constructors of their own development path. What will he perceive from such a place where there is no love, affection and encouragement. Harsh punishment is in fact traumatic to anyone, including students.

In fact, such a brutal act committed by a person who is in a respected field as teaching is against the ethics of the profession. This kind of incident in a school, when so much is being said about upholding children’s rights, calls for more responsible and trained teachers.

Umesh Karki, Baneshore

True love

I do not fully agree with Darshan Khanal’s Midway article “Materialism rules” published on March 5. What I believe is that your luck depends on your ability to find a true love. However, there are also people who think that materialism does matter, but there is also no dearth of

people who have a real concern for true love.

Alikid Lepcha, via e-mail