Improve lives of village kids

The Ministry for Child and Women Development has started several programmes to uplift the lifestyle of children in the country at different levels. Besides this, a large number of NGOs and INGOs are engaged in programmes called "Jana awarness." However, it is unfortunate that no ray of development has fallen on many children who live in remote villages of Nepal.

Their daily routine involve collecting rags, stealling food, cheating, playing with dust and quarelling amongst themselves. I request all the concerned parties to pay some attention towards these children in the rural areas.

Prabhu N Saha, Sunsari


I am a regular reader of The Himalayan Times. Most of the articles and news published in your newspaper are exceptionally good. This is in reference to the article titled "Deadlock by gullibility?" by John Narayan Parajuli on January 12. I liked the piece.

However, his choice of words was difficult to comprehend by any ordinary English reading Nepali people. To grasp the interest of the readers, writers should use simple and easily

understandable words in their articles. Also, I feel there is a need to include literature and history columns.

Puspa Mishra, Biratnagar

Gender bias

The prevailing situation of gender discrimination is a growing concern for all of us. Even amongst the highly educated people, there still exists the superstition that they should at least have one son in the family even if they have two or three daughters.

Even women from well to do families are not sensitive towards the fundamental rights of underprivileged women. Recently, a group of women activists expressed their discontent and demonstrated in front of the Birendra International Convention Centre against the beauty pageant contest.

Many women are being raped daily, are victims of domestic violence and extreme mental torture. There is a lot of hypocrisy involved in the work of the so-called feminists. The

country needs ardent social workers not feminists who work for vested interests.

Prakash Smile, Syangja

Poll boycott

This refers to the news published in The Himalayan Times on February 5, regarding the formation of the Student Council in Advance College of Engineering and Management. The erstwhile Council, however, had boycotted the election and the formation of the new Council, which I think was conveniently omitted in the report. The old Council is still active.

Bhupesh Poudel, Treasurer, ACEM Student Council

Solve soon

With a hope to gain better experience, I came to Kathmandu to complete my higher education after finishing SLC.

However, to my dismay, the Valley is constantly facing bandhs and strikes. This has hampered the education sector and students like me are the victims.

Students themselves indulge in violent activities and call for college bandhs. Why are some student leaders hampering the lives of all of us? Many students who come to Kathmandu from remote corners of the country are frustrated over student politics. They should try and solve their issues as soon as possible so that colleges could restart regular classes.

Consequence of such violent acts are never good for students who are dedicated to their academics.

Deepti Shrestha, Kathmandu