Democratic ways?
Time and again the Maoist chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Dr. Baburam Bhattarai raise the
issue concerning the President’s step to reinstate the then Army Chief taking it as undemocratic and against civilian supremacy. Does this issue really serve any purpose for the common people? I think it does not. If they are true to their words and indeed true leaders then they first should try to fulfill their main promises by completing the writing of the constitution of the country and, thereby, bringing stability to the country. That is what every citizen expects from them rather than obstructing the proceedings of the parliament. Vandalizing government and private property and obstructing vehicular movement by blocking roads are not democratic ways to show
“civilian supremacy” by creating chaos. There are democratic ways of protesting in public places peacefully and rallying, and not by vandalizing properties of others.
Prachanda gives good speeches in public gatherings and easily blames other leaders for the nation’s problems. But, what about his own mistakes? He has not properly supervised his party cadres, and they often cause havoc in public places and victimize others. Is this civilian supremacy that he is talking about or is he talking about Maoist party’s supremacy? It is a multi party democracy which he agreed to before, and now why is his party’s stance only for the Maoist party? Has he ever asked any common citizen what his/her demands are that needs to be fulfilled before demanding civilian supremacy?
Paul Nachiring, via e-mail
Vigil needed
That the virus H1N1 could lead to a pandemic in the country is for real. Several cases of swine flue have been detected in the Kathmandu valley and several other places. Previously, these infections were detected only in those who had returned from abroad. Now it seems that this virus is spreading within the country itself. Exercising vigil in the
border areas and airports alone is not going to help. A nationwide surveillance needs to be n place.Meanwhile, more health personnel should be trained to deal with the possible epidemic. The required drugs tooneeds to be stocked. At the same time, those at high risk of being Infected with the virus should be preferably vaccinated.Drastic measures are necessary tocope with the possible epidemic.
Dinesh Sherchan, Thapathali
This refers to the news “NHRC urges govt. to take action against ex-CoAS Thapa, NA men” and the article “Is draft Bill trying to weaken NHRC?” (THT Oct 21 and Oct 22) respectively. The latter decision taken by the government, of course, restrains the NHRC to work effectively and efficiently as the government has plans to put constraints on its working area and authority. In the former news, the NHRC has directed the government to take action against the army personnel who were allegedly found guilty of violating human rights, and responsible for the disappearance of 43 persons and the rape case of two girls.
Shouldn’t the Nepal Government abide by the norms drafted as per the Paris
principles? Does the government think that it’s not against the Paris principles, then it must
empower NHRC and make it a fully autonomous body. Also, it should make it fully functional and financially strong so that it can work with full-fledged power. A mistake already has been done by opposing NHRC’s draft bill, which could help promote more cases of human rights violations in barracks, police custody and so on. There will
be accretion in crimes and anarchy will rule the country. Is the draft bill knowingly not passed because of the presentpolitical deadlock and frequent intimidation by the Maoists who are saying that they willusher in another revolt.
S. Shrestha, via e-mail
Apropos to the news report “Clean Bagmati in three months, SC tells govt “ (THT, Oct 22),
I am firm in my belief that the Bagmati cleaning issue is mere rhetoric. Politicizing the issue comes from the politicians. Green Kathmandu and clean Bagmati river appear merely
to dreams. This is a ploy to collect sympathy and support from the public. Immediate steps should be taken soon otherwise the water and air
pollution of the valley will be led by Bagmati ironically.
Khem Regmi, Central Dept of Buddhist Studies, TU