History of capitalism

Egyptian socialist Samir Amir’s comments in the Nepali media that capitalism cannot solve the problems of the poor peasants do not seem to be supported by historical facts. In the

industrialised West, capitalism has helped change the lives of farmers by transforming them into highly paid industrial workers. An intelligent use of the natural resources can help promote industrial growth in Nepal, which would help uplift the living standards of the farmers and the rural poor. I believe crowning Nepal as the leader of the second wave of world socialist movement is too premature.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu


It is good news that the Kathmandu Metropolitan City is planning to develop satellite cities to systematically manage transport, sewerage and other infrastructure in the valley.

However, the project is expected to take more than three decades. By then the problems plaguing the capital would have multiplied many times. KMC should also devise

short-term alternative plans to make Kathmandu a beautiful city.

Rekha Karki, via e-mail

No outcome

Most of the NGOs in Nepal have been run as close-knit family business. A majority of them are driven by financial motives rather than by the social purpose they purportedly support. The Maoist-led government has time and again promised that the activities carried out by NGOs would be made transparent. But nothing has been done so far. As long as the government doesn’t take action, unscrupulous people will continue to take

advantage of the government’s inaction.

Ramesh Shrestha, Lalitpur


This is in reference to the letter “Fishy” (THT, Nov. 12). I support the writer’s view that the government’s decision to send oil samples for tests abroad is not a wise one. There are enough experts in our country who can conduct tests of such ordinary nature. Moreover, that would also save the government some money.

Sailendra Devkota,

Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Lost charm

Apropos of the news report “Civic body on beautification drive” (THT, Nov. 12), the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) deserves thanks for asking private organisations to come up with proposals for building or renovating parks in the capital. Beautiful monuments and landmarks in the capital for lack of timely maintenance are on the verge of being destroyed. Renovation of the parks and monuments would help the capital gain its lost charm. But KMC should also give a thought to the maintenance of streets in various parts of the capital.

Mihir Shrestha, via e-mail


Even weeks after the cuts in the price of petroleum

products, transport fares have not been reduced. Moreover, the cabbies in the capital charge exorbitant fares. While the common people bear the brunt of lawlessness, the government is helpless. What is the Home Minister Bamdev Gautam, known for his harsh measures against unlawful activities, doing anyway? The government should ask the transporters to cut the fares immediately.

Prabin Sharma, via e-mail