NC never learns

Apropos of the news report “Sushil Koirala finds new punching bag” (THT, Oct. 13), the Nepali

Congress is increasingly resorting to smear tactics to shoot down Maoist achievements. How can he accuse the United Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) of being biased towards the Maoists when it was UNMIN that disqualified such a large number of underage Maoist combatants from getting into cantonments, hence also disqualifying them from inclusion into national defence forces?

Quite clearly, NC is trying to recover from its humiliating defeat in CA polls but it is going about it in all the wrong ways. Rather than acknowledging their own mistakes that led to the party’s downfall, top NC leaders are busy accusing all and sundry of every kind of foul play. This is not the time for trading charges but rather for deep introspection into their own limitations and the ways to overcome them in the future.

Sumit Basnet, via e-mail

Street dogs

I find the street dogs amazing. They don’t harm you unless they are provoked. And if you stop to have a nice look at them, they look on with a winning glint in their eyes. I wonder if any of the kennel clubs in Nepal has thought about putting up street dogs for adoption. These dogs are part of our lives and they need our respect.

Prithvi Gyawali, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

False notice

NIDC capital market had issued a notice on Friday informing that the IPO money of Global Bank Limited would be returned to the public from Sunday onwards. But the notice was never implemented. People living in Dhulikhel, for instance, could not draw their money as NIDC had not sent the needed amount to the Araniko Development Bank, one of the collection centres of NIDC capital market. The Nepal Security Board should take appropriate action against NIDC for issuing a false notice to people of Dhulikhel.

Prakriti Nepal, via e-mail


This is in reference to the cover page photograph of Kiyoshi Baba, a traffic volunteer, manhandling a pedestrian for violating road rules at Kalanki, Kathmandu (THT, Oct. 13). No doubt, everyone should abide by traffic rules in order to reduce road accidents. Those who don’t obey rules deserve due punishment, but not in the way meted out by Baba, a Japanese


Baba’s disturbing method of teaching traffic rules to commoners hasn’t sent the right message. But the more important lesson one might learn from it is that today Baba got a traffic violator by the throat, tomorrow the same violator might be run over by a rash


Kishor Dahal, via e-mail

Make public

As per the people’s right to information, I demand that the government make public the names of the ministers who have not submitted their property details in accordance with the Code of Conduct signed by the coalition partners. This would show that the government is serious about curbing corruption and that Maoist Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s vow to act tough against the corrupt is not just empty rhetoric.

Ramesh B Shrestha, Lalitpur