Justice at last

Apropos of the news report “Historic victory for Gurkhas” (THT, Oct. 1), first of all, I would like to congratulate the retired British Gurkhas for securing their right to settle on British soil. The London High Court has finally granted them their just reward.

Around 200,000 Gurkha soldiers had fought in the two World Wars, and around 45,000 have died fighting for Britain so far. So the verdict is a just reward for their long and continuous struggle for justice.

Arjun Karki, Kathmandu

Clamp down

This is in reference to the news report “Firing on passenger bus claims life” (THT, Sept 30). The kinds of atrocious activities the Madhesi Mukti Tigers cadres are engaged in indicate a jungle raj. At times it seems these people even fail to distinguish between animals and human beings. Their brutal acts are not new to the people of Nepal but after the declaration of republic, they had expected a final end to the cycle of violence in the country, which has clearly not happened.

The government has failed to give its people a sense of security. I would like to request the honourable members of the Constituent Assembly to come up with a new constitution soon that may curb the violence the extreme political outfits are spreading in parts of the country.

In a democratic country like Nepal, everyone has the right to express his or her dissatisfaction with the working of state institutions. But such protests should be within legal limits. It is

necessary to curtail the rising number of violent crimes across the country and to punish those engaged in such activities to bring back a semblance of law and order. It is equally important to compensate the victims’ families. Above all, the government should make it loud and clear that no one is above the law.

Arunakar B Chand, via e-mail


The general secretary of Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Women’s Association-Revolutionary Amrita Magar has accused The Hidden Treasure, the organisers of Miss Nepal Pageants, of

‘enslaving women for commercial gains,’ “‘Inclusive’ cry dogs jinxed beauty pageant” (THT,

Sept 29).

What about the enslaving of thousands of women by the Maoists during more than a decade-long war fought for the party’s vested interests? Can Thapa justify that too?

Girendra Man Rajbanshi, MD, The Hidden Treasure Harassment This is to draw attention to the increasing number of sexual harassment cases in schools and hostels. It is ironic that the teachers, who are supposed to educate students on morals and ethics, are themselves

engaged in such base activities.

Moreover, the innocent students, the victims, are often blamed for something they have

absolutely no control over. Our society is supposed to be changing for the better, with new

leaders with new ideas appearing at the head of the government.

But our society, instead of marching on the path of progress, is regressing. It is the responsibility of guardians and educators to tackle this problem seriously.

Sadichchha Pokharel, Kupondole, Lalitpur