Chlorine and other factors

This refers to the news report “43 pc water in valley ‘unsafe’ for drinking” (THT, August 26). I don’t believe absence of residual chlorine in water samples can by itself be taken as a reason for regarding drinking water as unsafe. Indeed, chlorination is one of the most effective and common methods of disinfecting water. However, water quality is measured not in terms of amount of residual chlorine but total microbial load in a particular sample.

Factors which determine chlorine disinfection are chlorine concentration, contact time, temperature, ph value, number and types of microorganisms and concentration of organic matter in the water. Kathamandu Upatyeka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) should check these factors before fixing the amount of chlorine to be added in drinking water.

Dr Sital Kaji Shrestha, India


Political parties have been advocating inclusion and empowerment of underprivileged

communities, hence the names proposed by CPN-Maoist and MJF for ministerial berths came as a big surprise. While there is not a single Madhesi leader on the list proposed by the CPN-Maoist, the MJF has proposed no ministerial candidate from the West even though almost half of the CA members are from western Nepal. I would like to suggest CPN-Maoist and MJF propose popular candidates who honour the sentiments of the people they represent.

Shailesh Mishra, Kapilvastu

Flop show

The issue of Nepal’s participation in Olympics led to public controversy. The government should have sent only sportspersons and their immediate support staff instead of including people with no connection with sports. Besides, only the athletes with proven calibre should have been sent to what is the toughest sporting gathering in the world. If the trend witnessed in Beijing continues, Nepal’s sporting prospects do not look bright.

Ramesh Shrestha,

via e-mail

Can’t wait

Flooding in Sunsari district, which has displaced tens of thousands of people and caused damage to life and property worth millions, is the result of government negligence. The

government’s attention should have been attracted with the first signs of breach in the embankments and precautionary measures taken to prevent the disaster. Apparently, many other dams are on the verge of collapse too. While the government should intensify relief efforts for the flood-hit, fortification and reconstruction of the damaged dams should begin at once

Rhea Gurung, Shital Marg, Maharajgung


While the President, Vice-president and Prime Minister have all paid courtesy visits to camps housing those displaced by floods, relief efforts do not seem to have been carried out evenly at all places. Many survivors have not received food to eat.

However, those looking to make some quick money are reported to be misusing the funds collected for relief efforts. The distribution of relief efforts should be closely monitored.

Dr Ramesh Neupane,

Bouddha, Kathmandu