Unexplored frontiers

This is in reference to the edit page article “Modern biotechnology and food products” (THT, August 15). Biotech scientists claim that food production can be

doubled using modern methods of biotechnology. Most African countries have adopted this method to meet their growing demand for food. At a time when Nepal is facing shortage of food products, modern biotechnology could be an effective tool to maximise food production. The Nepal Academy of Science and Technology should examine the possibility of cultivating

genetically modified agricultural products in Nepal.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu

High hopes

Nepali people have suffered from decades of misgovernance. Political leaders of past governments often misused their positions to amass property and serve their own interests instead of working for the greater good of the people. With CPN-Maoist coming to power, Nepalis have great expectations that the new government will adopt a zero-tolerance policy

towards corruption. Though the Prachanda-led government cannot be expected to solve all our problems overnight, political parties must agree to a common minimum

programme to address the pressing concerns of Nepalis including easy availability of basic commodities and improved security situation.

Ramesh Shrestha, via e-mail

His choice

As the founder of the CPN-Maoist, the new Prime Minister is well known as Prachanda among both the Nepalis and the international community. However, some sections of Nepali media have been using different names like Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Chabilal to address him. The PM, on several occasions, has expressed his wish to be called Prachanda. The media should respect his wish.

TG Ramaswamy, Hetauda


Prime Minister Prachanda has many responsibilities on his shoulders, chief among them addressing pressing concerns like extreme poverty and other inequalities, creating employment opportunities and establishing peace and stability. Political events of the past few weeks have given enough reasons to be skeptical about Nepal’s future. The government

should allay those fears through good governance and rule of law.

Jagadish Nepali, via e-mail


Prachanda has shown that power comes not only from the barrel of the gun but also through one’s determination. His integrity for the noble cause of building a peaceful and prosperous Nepal has earned him the post of Prime Minister. However, Prachanda should not let his victory get to his head.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne, Australia


This is in reference to the new report “Drugs in short supply in Kailali VDCs” (THT, August 18). Four months after CA polls,leaders have shown no concern for the plight of Nepalis starving and dying owing to the shortage of food and essential drugs.

Isn’t it a pity that a democracy has nothing to give to common Nepalis?

Ashok Rajak, via e-mail