Fingers crossed

Now that the issue of Prime Ministership has almost been settled, rows over key ministerial portfolios should end too. The Constituent Assembly should not waste its time on petty matters. The CA was elected to draft a new constitution within two years. If it fails to do so, the CA will lose its legitimacy, which would in turn necessitate a national referendum costing the country many millions of rupees. This would provide regressive forces ample

opportunity to take undue advantage of the situation. The political leaders, in order to facilitate constitution making process, should create an atmosphere of trust. It would be in the best interest of Nepal if they could agree on a common minimum programme as the basis of future collaboration.

Basanta Devkota,

Gaurighat, Kathmandu

Not enough

Apropos of the news report “Shortage of food forces people to live on wild roots, fruits” (THT, Aug 13), it has been almost a month since people in remote areas of western Nepal were badly hit by famine. However, the government has not done enough to alleviate their plight. It should prioritise construction of physical facilities, and irrigation and technical assistance to farmers in the affected areas.

R Sayami, Kathmandu

Going down

This is in reference to the news report “NAC Boeing refused refuelling in Dubai” (THT, Aug 12). It is humiliating that the national flag carrier failed to return to Kathmandu as its fuel

supplier, Shell, declined to refuel the aircraft owing to NAC’s inability to make timely payments. As a result of this incident, NAC has lost its credibility both nationally and internationally. The NAC should compensate its passengers. If NAC is unable to deliver timely and quality services, there is no point in pouring money into it.

Sunil Kharel, via e-mail


Medical profession is highly respected in our society. However, it is alarming that doctors and their families have frequently been targets of criminal groups, “Millions paid to free Dr Devkota’s daughter” (THT, Aug 7). If such attacks continue, it wouldn’t be surprising when there would be no doctor left in Nepal.

Esha Shrestha, Kathmandu


This refers to the news analysis “NC claim to Defence hollow” (THT, Aug 14). While the CPN-Maoist as the single largest party has the mandate to lead the new government, it is beyond reason why NC leaders have refused to budge from their claim to key ministries. NC’s illogical claim has diminished the prospects of a consensus government. The NC neither enjoys

people’s mandate nor has the support of major political parties to lead the government. Whoever is elected the PM in CA on Friday, the major concern of the political leaders should be to take the peace process to a logical conclusion.

Karan Thapa, Thankot


This is in reference to the photograph under the heading “Short takes” (THT, Aug 13). While the picture was that of small boys, the caption read “Women dressed in traditional

attire...” Such errors should not be repeated.

Arpana Gurung, via e-mail