Plight of women

Apropos of the news report “70 women taken in police custody” (THT, August 4), I support the women activists for demanding that the government investigate the death of rights activist Laxmi Bohora, killed under mysterious circumstances in Kanchanpur. The

government should also address the grievances of women subjected to various forms of violence, and also implement the provision of granting citizenship certificates on the basis of maternal lineage.

Sabita Lama, Cheshire,

United Kingdom

Sack him

Nepali cricket has improved a lot in the last decade. Our junior cricket teams have given stupendous performances both at national and international tournaments. Unfortunately, our senior side is not doing so well. One of the reasons might be poor coaching methods of Roy Dias, who has been unable to improve the performance of Nepali cricket players during his many years as national cricket coach. The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) must relieve him of his duties and appoint a new coach who can better understand the needs of our players and can help improve their cricketing skills. Nepal can clinch One Day International status only when senior players perform at the international level.

Aamir Akhter, via e-mail


At a time when there is a strong possibility of the outbreak of water-borne diseases, it is a great relief to know that we can purify drinking water in our homes by using a simple tablet, “Aquatabs launched to control water borne diseases” (THT, August 5).

Diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery and cholera claim scores of lives each year.

Water impurities are also responsible for fatal diseases like neurocysticercosis, hydatosis, and cryptosporidium. Now that the Centre for Socio-economic Development (CSED) has come up with a convenient solution to drinking water problem, it should also make people aware of convenient water purification methods using the tablets. Most importantly, water-purifying tablets should be available throughout the country at a price that even a common Nepali can afford.

Sital Kaji Shrestha, India

Stay out

The Nepali Congress(NC, CPN-UML and MJF claim that CPN-Maoist secured majority in

Constituent Assembly through unfair means. Even if they head the new government, the Maoists will have little support from other parties. The “unholy alliance” of the three parties would work relentlessly to taint Maoist image. It would be wise for CPN-Maoist to stay out of the government.

Ramesh Shrestha, Lalitpur


Though the education system in Nepal has seen many improvements in recent times, corporal punishment is still a very common practice in our schools. Students are

brutally beaten when they fail to follow teacher’s instructions rigorously. This approach is neither professional nor humane. Teachers should adopt non-violent means to maintain discipline among students and make them follow school rules and regulations.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne, Australia