Another YCL in making?

This refers to the cover page photograph of Roman Shrestha on THT’s June 22 edition. I was shocked to hear that the CPN-UML has also established its own youth wing (Youth Force), emulating the CPN-Maoist’s Young Communist League (YCL). It was even more

embarrassing to learn of the induction of Ramhari Shrestha’s eleven-year-old son as one of its members. Won’t this move further strain ties between Ramhari’s family and the Maoists? Moreover, inclusion of any child under 18 in any political party is against UN charter.

The establishment of the new youth wing will also cause more bitterness

between the UML and the Maoists. And what if the Youth Force turns into

another YCL? Can the public digest two YCLs when even one has proved too hot to handle?

Sanjay Sharma, Kadambari Memorial College of Science and Management

In denial

It appears that political parties are not ready to accept people’s mandate expressed through CA polls. The Nepali Congress seems especially reluctant to accept the people’s verdict in favour of the CPN-Maoist. Though the country has become a Federal Democratic Republic, all sorts of unconstitutional and bewildering activities are going on in the political sphere. The NC should quit the government at the earliest and let the Maoists run the show.

Praveen Kumar Yadav,


Dirty City

The front-page photograph of garbage at Basantapur on THT’s June 17 edition shows how dirty the capital city is. If the main tourist attraction in Kathmandu is in such a

dismal condition, how can we expect foreign tourists to keep coming? There should be a separate body independent of any kind of political influence to manage Valley’s garbage.

Bhaskar Khanal, Gulmi


Apropos of the news report “SLC results out sans board toppers’ list” (THT, June 23), every year when SLC results are declared, discussions regarding the pass rate take centre stage. I too wonder if the increasing pass percentage reflects the desire of the SLC Board to keep the pass rate up at all costs or if both the students and teachers have really been working harder.

Also, during the exams, students are given a free hand at cheating. Full marks are allocated for practical examinations without any effort on the part of the examinees.

And the process of marking answer sheets is no better. With the pass rate up, students are happy, schools jubilant, donors impressed, and the Ministry of Education has found another reason to boast. So, who is at a loss in case of foul play? The country, of course.

Dwaipayan Regmi,


Eyes on Spain

The defeat of Portugal at the hands of Germany in the first quarterfinal of the EURO Cup was shocking. I was even more surprised to see Turkey enter the semi-finals.

With many good teams already headed home, I hope that Spain lives up to the tag of favourites and goes on to win the Cup. Monday’s defeat of Italy in the quarters augurs well for the team.

Asmita Shrestha, Golfutar Chowk, Kathmandu