Torture for students

This is in reference to the news “Sensitive issue of leaked questions and HSEB” (THT May 12). It is indeed very easy for the HSEB to cancel the examinations and reschedule them. It is the students who have to suffer. The board should realize that it takes much effort for a student to prepare for the exams. They should also realize that it is not easy for a normal 12th grader who stays in the valley or anywhere else and who works to pay for his/her education to go and give the exams elsewhere time and again. Because of the strike in the Terai a week back, most of the students who had their centres in places like Nepalgunj had to leave for the exam centre a week before the scheduled date, and thanks to the leaking of the papers they have to sit for the exams again.

Dr Pallav Bhattarai, via e-mail

Other reasons

It is a pity that attention is being riveted to nothing else but the resignation of the PM. PM Dahal has resigned citing the President’s refusal to agree with his decision to sack the chief of Army. PM should have resigned on other more important matters concerning the welfare of the people of Nepal. He failed miserably to meet the basic needs of the people of this country

such as rule of law, shortage

of fuel, rise in price of food

items, load shedding and

rampant disregard for the law.

VN Rana,Thapa Goan, Kathmandu 10

A disgrace

Apropos of the news article “HIV-positive students expelled from school” (THT, May 12), it is really a disgrace to humanity that such an act was inflicted upon those innocent children. We cannot even blame ignorance for this. The school despite being totally aware has still decided to expel the students. When they ought to have served as an example they themselves gave in to such ignorant demands of the guardians. Those guardians insisting upon enrolling the students in some other school should be allowed to do so. At least the school should be fair and treat students equally. They have no right to expel a student without any offense. They could’ve opted for many ways out like educating the local guardians instead of entertaining their unreasonable demands. But the school chose to prove its weakness by meekly choosing the easy and the wrong way out. This entitles them to be punished by the law.

Rhea Gurung, Shital Marg,


Show it

Apropos of the news report “New PM likely in a day o two” (THT, May 13), it indeed is a positive indication. Actually, the nation now needs a full fledged government and backups from all parties. I don’t understand as to why NC is stepping back in forming a new government under its leadership. NC deserves to do so. But its’ reluctance proves that it will leave CPN-UML to do so. Nepali Congress being the second largest party should have taken the initiatives in forming the new government and work as per the aspirations of the people. NC has long experience in running the government smoothly. NC should take this as an opportunity and show from its’ past experience to other parties how to work while in government.

Sanjay Shrestha, via email

Smoking ban

This is in reference to the article “Smoking ban can be effective” by Dr. Abhinav Vaidya. It is quite a controversial issue as to whether or not there is an absolute possible way for banning smoking. It is mandatory in most of the advanced countries that the people are subject to book if found smoking in most public places.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne,



With reference to article “When did the great religions of the world begin? Fascinating facts”

(THT, May 10), Nepal is an old country with ancient civilization. About 80 per cent of the population in Nepal are Hindus. The number of persons following Hinduism is certainly more in India. Buddha was born in Nepal, and he is a great son of Nepal. India has spent a lot on study and research on Hinduism, Buddh-ism and eastern philosophy. For finding the birthplace of Hind-uism, we have to find out wh-ether Nepalese Hindu civilization or Indian civilization is older.

Dr Suman Kumar Regmi, Kupondole