Very sad, indeed

It was sad, indeed, to read the news story “HIV- positive students expelled from school” (THT, May 13). It seems that the awareness level of the local guardians who exerted the pressure on the school to expel the unfortunate students is nil. Do these parents know the real meaning of HIV-positive? In that case, the NGOs/

INGOs engaged in HIV/AIDS program have a lot to do. This case is a real challenge for them. We have yet to see how the concerned organizations are going to handle this situation and get the expelled students

enrolled back in the school and ensure their right to basic education.

Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharajgunj

Be careful

The Gudda VDC as reported in the news titled “Scores hurt in Bhaktapur mishap” (THT, May 14) does not exist. It should be Gundu VDC and I would be more than happy if the local reporter of the popular English daily had sound knowledge of local geography. I hope THT would be more careful in future.

Sumesh Kunwar, via e-mail


This is in reference to the article “Great emails”. I am fascinated with the writer’s experience of new science and technology. It is really amazing to see the rapid progress in science and technology. Therefore, the earth has become a global village.

I have a nostalgia about my own experience of technology. Seventeen years ago my dad bought a twenty-one inch TV set to my district Syangja from Butwal. At that time, probably we only had the TV there. People from Galyang Bazaar and the nearby villagers came to my house in Falang to watch films. Some people even climbed trees to get a view of the visuals on the TV screen. Now, in Falang, almost all houses have TV and cable channels.

Shiva Neupane, Australia


The news ‘HIV-positive students expelled from school’ (THT, May 13) is really troubling. I really wonder why, despite the promulgation of HIV related awareness through different media, people fail to understand that AIDS is not a communicable disease. It’s not transferable unless a physical relationship is established with HIV infected persons. It does not transfer to persons who come in common contact like touching, playing etc. Education is a fundamental right of children, and they should not be deprived of the right under any circumstances. The locals who put pressure on school administration to expel those students should be made aware of the disease, that it’s not as harmful as tuberculosis, chicken-pox, small-pox, measles etc. that are communicable. It’s really a shameful that, despite being educators, teachers could act so inhumanely.

Ranju Shrestha, via e-mail

Open letter

Open letter to the health minister, Mr. Giriraj Mani Pokhrel: You have been a good friend and I have always prayed for your successful tenure. But when I read the news about the replacement of Dr. Bhagwan Koirala from Gangalal Heart Centre, I was extremely shocked and amazed.

Dr. Koirala and I only share a common surname and are not related by blood. And I speak plainly as a citizen and as a patient who has witnessed the exceedingly commendable growth and improvement of the Heart Centre under the able leadership of Dr. Koirala. Also, as a member of a middle-class family, I had a hope that if ever I suffered from a severe heart disease, I would not have to die due to lack of treatment in the country, for the Heart Centre provides outstanding medical treatment and facilities at an affordable price. This hope and belief of mine has not been driven by any prejudice. It has been rooted because I have personally experienced a proper management, excellent treatment, well-equipped facilities in the Centre, and because I have heard from countless number of patients who have shared a similar experience in the Heart Centre. But today the ray of hope (for me and for countless other Nepalis of my like) has been shattered. Such decisions on the part of the supposedly responsible politicians are an indication that the open channels towards the development of the country are being closed due to political prejudices. And the general public have to pay the price for these political games.

I used to be proud of your friendship, Mr. Pokhrel. But today I feel shameful of the fact.

Narayan Prasad Koirala, Joint Secretary, Higher SecondaryEducation Board