Broader perspective

Apropos of Madhav Shrestha’s article “Nepal-India relations” (THT, May 26), the author raises a very important point that Nepal-India ties should be viewed in the broader regional context rather than taking into account only the plans and policies of the two countries vis-à-vis each other.

The rapid rise of China has had a huge impact in regional politics and economy. India and China, though clear competitors in the international arena, are broadening the areas of

cooperation even while China continues to have close ties with Pakistan. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are volatile and any significant developments there will have a direct bearing on the whole of South Asia. Likewise, India enjoys disproportional influence over Bhutan, Nepal and the Maldives.

Regional politics of South Asia is incredibly complex and it would be unwise to discount the influence of inter-state relationships between other countries in the region on India-Nepal relationship. Nepal’s domestic and foreign policy are inadequate in evaluating the country’s ties with its southern neighbour.

Suman Dahal, Ghattekulo


Mehboob Alam has achieved an incredible feat by being the first player to claim all 10 wickets in any level of international cricket recognised by International Cricket Council in the process of dismissing the whole of Mozambique team for a paltry 19 runs during a ICC World Cricket League Division-V match in Jersey. I watched India’s Anil Kumble wreak havoc with the

Pakistani batting line-up in a Test match in New Delhi some years ago. At the time, I thought it would be a long time before any cricketer was able to repeat the same feat in a Test match, leave alone a limited over match.

Kudos to Alam.

Performances like this are what inspires the young generation to take up the noble game. With cricketers with the calibre of Alam around, Nepalis have much to look forward to in

upcoming international tournaments.

Rishi Shah, Birgunj

Good sign

It looks as if the major political parties are close to an agreement on the nature of the future government to be headed by the CPN-Maoist. According to media reports, they have also agreed on the sharing of 26 remaining seats for the Constituent Assembly. The show of unity among the main political parties is crucial as the Constituent Assembly is all set to draft a new constitution.

Only if all the political parties represented in the CA work hand in hand for the greater good of the country can Nepal have a truly inclusive constitution. At the same time, it is equally important to consider the opinions of other political parties, experts, civil society leaders and

common people that are not in the CA.

Chabilal Devkota, via e-mail


Nepalis are all agog about the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly on May 28 when the country will be declared a republic. I am looking forward to a huge celebration to mark the epochal event in Nepal’s history. I hope the newly elected CA members do not disappoint Nepalis by delaying the important announcement.

Kamal Nepal, Bagbazar