Expose the corrupt

“Daily Telegraph” has exposed UK MPs expense scandals. Now it is high time the Nepali media exposed Nepal’s rich MPs’ expense.

Yam Gurung, UK

What Next?

Nepalese politics is in a coma right now. Everyone is confused regarding what will happen now. The video tape somehow or the other indicated that the Maoists are working as per their preconceived plan and, when they could not go as per the plan by removing the Army Chief, they had no option other than to quit. But, where will the country go now? Nepali Congress and UML alone cannot make the country. The video tape also supports the probability still exists that the Maoists will go back to the forest. The Maoists say that they won’t allow the CA to resume without the President revoking his step.

Dwaipayan Regmi, via e-mail

Public support

This is in reference to the article “Hitting hard against intellectual racism “ (THT, May 19).The writer is unsatisfied with the growing racism amongst intellectuals in the civil society . He writes the civil society is

artificial one created by the media to project itself as new saviors of democracy in the former period. It may be true to some extent, but most of the intellectuals created the civil society on their own accord so as to raise the voices against autocracy and feudalism prevailing at that time. It is true that their contribution in the April movement cannot be underestimated as they had played a great role in the revolution which will be

analyzed by history. But, at moment, they are losing their credibility as they are advocating on behalf of the political parties. They are being used by the political parties to forward their political agenda. Also, splits amongst the civil society leaders are causing them to lose public support. Therefore, it is time to rejuvenate the significance of civil society through the union of the society leaders in order to establish and pass value

judgments on the behalf of the general public. So, they should concentrate on the welfare of the public and warn the lawmakers to follow the people’s mandate during the present transitional period.

Sandip Khanal, Lalmatiya-5,Maurighat Dang

Free press

Apropos of the news article”Journo threatened”(THT, May 17), it is really a shameful and condemnable act for a so called senior constable to threaten a journalist. The country had recently observed International Press Freedom Day on May 3 and the government also had pledged for the security of the journalists and freedom of the press. But the journalists who are dedicated to their profession along with a free and fair press are being continuously threatened and thrashed. The government should take necessary actions against the recalcitrant constable and assure that it is in favour of press freedom.

Ramesh Jung Karki, Balaju


Isn’t it an irony that there’s no legal entity that undertakes consumers’ grievances and rights? The news report “Miles to go to ensure consumers rights’ (THT, May 19), however has tried to shed some light on cheating of consumers by manufacturers in one way or the other. I feel the need for a law relating to consumers that protects their rights to the fullest. Now the situation is such that the consumers suffer in every respect whether it be price, quality or quantity. In fact, the awareness level of consumers is almost negligible and consumers are buying the available products available in the market without realising their specifications such as weight, quality, chemicals used etc. And there’s no other other way than to opt for these products. It’s unfortunate that the manufacturers and producers are reaping money by flooding low-quality products in the market. A couple of months back, spurious liquor flooded the market and had hit the consumers hard, leading to several deaths also. Now, spurious edible oil of different brands and bottled water have been found to be rampant in the market. Once, I happened to visit the DFTQC as I had to test the standard of tor-steel (brand not revealed as company has shut down after a few years) and get the NST logo. To my surprise, I got the result in two days and the brand got approval for hanging the NST tag. To what extent can the fidelity of personnel working in DFTQC be trusted?

Sanjay Shrestha, via e-mail