Congrats! Nepal

We would like to congratulate Madhav Kumar Nepal for being elected as a second Prime Minister of Ganatantra Nepal. Along with this long awaited happiness, he has a grave responsibility of drafting a new constitution within the stipulated time and fulfilling the expectations of the people. As a representative of the common mass, I would like to advise PM Nepal to win consensus among political parties and try and make good decisions for all Nepalis. We have a lot of

expectations from this coalition. With this table turn, the Maoists are now in the opposition. It will not be easy for this coalition if their voices are not heard.

Similarly, he should be able to address issues of ethnic minorities, women and all other groups that are struggling for their identity. Therefore, I would request him to pay heed to all these voices. On the top of all, congratulations and best of luck for his long-term government.

Sila Baral, Masbar, Pokhara


Behind the long and aggravating political imbroglio of this country, there exist two major causes in my observation. One is the autocratic dynasties of despots in the past who made the future of Nepal and Nepalese captive for centuries, and the next is failed leadership. The former is uncontextual now but the latter is still a major agent. Our leadership has always jinxed in retro vision, inability, self-complacency, schizophrenia and myopia; so frail and at the beck and call despite the support of the people.

All the political accidents have already taken place and are still going on and are the products of failed leadership. Our political parties seem to be struggling for existence for decades but haven’t settled yet. Neither has democracy due to their failure at the helm. They themselves are yet to be democratized. Politics for them is the ministerial berths, pay, perks, sleek cars, splendid mansions, hefty bank balance and attractive facilities. Our leadership from the history is still moving around the circle of forming and toppling down the government; still wrangling for ministerial berths. There is

hardly any difference between packs of hyenas nibbling away a carcass and our leaders squaring up. I never felt that the attention of our leaders got diverted from the chair-politics to the progress and development of the nation. How does a country come a long way if the leadership lacks vision, altruism, egalitarianism and patriotism? Recent somersaults in the country’s politics is a continuation of the ugly culture, and it keeps on going. The new coalition government should

not get embroiled in this political turmoil.

Prakash Sparsha,

Jhiljhile, Jhapa


With reference to the article ‘Towards light” (THT, May 22) I’d like to thank the media because this case maybe attractive for the new government. Nepal is the second richest country in water resources. 83,000 Mega Watt electricity can be produced, but we are compelled to stay in the dark and to produce electricity from the sun. We are exploring many other systems of

generating electricity. Solar power is also a useful system for generating electricity, but the second richest country of

hydropower resources hasn’t tapped enough hydroelectricity. It is evident that so far no Nepal governments had any plan

to make a rich Nepal and make it famous.

Kiran Nyaupane, Ravibhawan

Clean image

The country now has Madhav Kumar Nepal as the new PM. Since he so far has maintained a clean image in public, he is the last hope in the fight against corruption and dirty politics in Nepal.

Thus he must not waste any time in institutionalizing wide-ranging good governance for the good of all because it is a now or never opportunity, both for him and the country. Hence, he is expected to keep up that image in all of the governmental dealings under all the ministries, including the appointments in the governmental and public positions. Sound and meritorious criteria and a publicly clean image must be the uncompromising standard basis for all appointments. Absolute zero-tolerance to corruption and irregularity also must be demonstrated quick and fast by spearheading strong drives against the corrupt and

criminalization of politics. For this all, he should draw action-programs and set-up various taskforces of the honest professionals, intellectuals and individuals from the civil societies to assist him in the endeavors.

Ramesh Bdr. Shrestha, via e-mail