Create more jobs

Apropos of the news report “No need of law on employment, govt tells SC” (THT, 27 Feb), the Parliamentary Secretariat is right in saying that there is no need to promulgate a specific law to ensure the right to employment. Even if a law is made in this regard, it will be meaningless unless the government creates enough jobs for the unemployed. The Interim Constitution has a provision that says that every Nepali citizen will have the right to employment. But it has proved irrelevant. If fact, tens of thousands of qualified and skilled people are without jobs, leave alone those unqualified. The government, instead of wasting unnecessary time and effort in promulgating laws to guarantee employment, should make efforts to create job opportunities so that the jobless will benefit.

Manit Deokota, Ratopul, Kathmandu

Save them

This is in reference to the news report “DNPWC plans rhino census from next week” (THT, Feb 27). It is commendable that the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation is planning to launch a census of rhinos in Nepal’s national parks and wildlife reserves. Nepal is home to some of the rarest species of wild animals and birds. However, the government has not taken concrete measures for the conservation of animals, some of which appear on

the endangered list. The government should take solid initiatives for the conservation of the

endangered animals in the country.

Amol Acharya, Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur


It really is disheartening to see the Seven Party Alliance deciding on so many key issues without the approval of the Nepali people. I would like to draw the SPA’s attention to the fact that they were given a specific mandate — to hold the Constituent Assembly election — which, to the dismay of all, has been postoned twice. Key issues like the declaration of a

republic and declaration of Nepal as a secular state should only have been decided after the CA election. Instead of preparing for the polls, the political leaders are still wrangling over petty issues and doing as they please. It is the incompetence of the leaders, which has led the country to its present state of unrest.

William, via e-mail


The ongoing drama of negotiation between UMDF and the government couldn’t produce results because the former demanded that the polls be postponed. The UMDF, by making

unreasonable demands, has been creating unnecessary hurdles to the upcoming CA polls. As the CA polls are only one and a half months away both the sides should soon settle their differences. If the CA polls could not be held on schedule, it would not only invite disaster

for the SPA but for the nation as well.

Gobardhan Sunar,


No politics

This is in response to the news report “Bandh takes its toll on Morang students” (THT, Feb 27). Even worse, politicians have often targeted schools and colleges to meet their political ends. Educational institutions should be kept free of such interference.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne, Australia