Be strict about it

This is in reference to the news “Pharmaceutical drug abuse increasing among youth”, (THT, May 25th). It is true that majority of the people have easy access to drugs from the stores. Drugs such as Nitrazepam, Diphenhydramine, Codeine (which is a part of cough mixtures) are easily available over

the counter. These drugs cannot be compared to Cocaine or Hashish or Marijuana, but they give the natural “high” and its use is increasing because of the easy availability. This is in part responsible for the anti-social events that have been increasing so much over the days. Educating people about it can in part be beneficial, but the important thing lies in implementing a strict rule by the government allowing the access to these and other sedatives only via a medical prescription. Not only that the people selling the drugs should also have adequate knowledge about it, so that they can know the pros and cons about the drugs they are selling. This is a very serious matter and I hope the concerned will look at it at the earliest.

Dr.Pallav Bhattarai, via e-mail

Local bodies

Apropos of the news report “Maoists to form local bodies” (THT, May 26), I feel it’s not a good indication for the newly appointed government. It seems that the Maoists are doing a tit for tat. Indeed, the country now needs peace and a well maintained law and order for the smooth operation of the

government. Although, Dr. Bhattarai showed commitment to peace, at the same time he threatened the government to establish it on its own. It indicates the lack of working efficiency of CPN-UML led government and how it will successfully mobilize and implement the people-oriented programmes. The formation of the local bodies was unaccomplished when the Maoist government quit, although it was in their top priority. However, the present government must not step back to implement those prioritized programmes of the Maoist-led government which are in favour of the poor people. This step will help the government to bring the Maoists into the mainstream. Maoists in the government is the need of the country and taking help from them only will conclude the peace process and the constitution drafting task.. Let’s hope that the new government will direct its utmost efforts to achieve consensus.

S. Shrestha, via e-mail


This is in reference to the news “Nepal asks GPK to lead govt panel”, (THT, May 25). I find the Prime Minister very fragile, childish and weak and unable to tackle problems on his own. I am not prudent in political mathematics, however, it is not quite clear that being the most influential Prime Minister why did Nepal decide to offer the high-level mechanism panel of the government to Girija Prasad Koirala. If the PM cannot head influential bodies then he would be better off resigning than searching for a mentor. The Nepali people are yearning for gallant and valiant and down to earth politicians.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne, Australia

On wastes

The problem of garbage disposal in the capital city always seems to be there. After all no one wants garbage in their backyard. Since experts have difficulty finding dumping sites that are technically and economically

viable, the authorities have little option. A serious study must be made as to how to manage the waste generated without causing trouble to the people. Failure to do this would only i nvite health problems, apart from being unpleasant and an eye sore. To provide relief, the waste management should figure as a priority in future programs and policies. One can learn from other cities that have successfully managed to deal with

the garbage problem. It is not only the capital city but other cities in the country too that are finding it difficult to manage the garbage despite being provided with adequate resources.

Raju Bista, Jorpati


UCPN president Pushpa Kamal Dahal called Madhav Kumar Nepal a “poisonous plant” in his speech. If so, why did he knowingly plant such a harmful plant? It is quite shameful for him that only persons who support him are good and honest. Those who do not support and follow his “path” are evil and dishonest. There may be something wrong in his eyes which sees this in a person whom 22 parties selected as the suitable PM in the present condition. I urge Prachanda to respect other parties and their leaders also.

Mahesh Luitel, via e-mail