Economic revolution

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has time and again said that the SPA alliance must continue for at least 10 years after the CA election. However, the differences among the parties in the alliance have been growing wider casting doubt on the success of the CA polls slated for April 10. In order to ensure Nepal’s peaceful transition to democracy,

citizens’ forums across the country should call for a broadly represented round-table conference. This conference could appoint an expert committee to draft the constitution of the New Nepal. The draft could be ratified by the people through a referendum. The draft, among other things, should ensure representation of all the marginalised people in all the organs of the state, including the army. The draft should also include rigid constitutional provisions to discourage and eradicate corruption, the state of impunity and violation of human rights. But most importantly, it should include provisions that may facilitate an economic revolution through proper utilisation of natural resources abundantly

available in the country.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu

More space

A lot of Nepalis staying abroad, including myself, are concerned about the worsening political situation in Nepal. It is appreciable that the media in Nepal have played an instrumental role in facilitating Nepal’s peace process. However, the media have not been able to reflect public opinion regardless of its success in helping democratic movements in the past. We wish that THT could do that by providing more space to public opinion.

Dr Kaushal Tiwari, Italy

Think twice

Thousands of Nepalis are heading abroad because of poor job prospects in Nepal. Moreover, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of students aspiring to pursue their higher studies abroad without actually knowing the problems that they have to deal with as foreign students. I for myself took the plunge before realising that I might not be able to finance my

education. Hundreds of students are therefore returning home. It would be wise for students aspiring to study abroad to think twice if they cannot self-finance their studies.

Arati Karki, Melbourne

Not love

This is in reference to the Midway article “Love doesn’t last forever” (THT, Feb.15). I do not agree with the writer that love survives only as long as there is physical attraction between the lovers. In fact, physical attraction should not be mistaken for love. A relationship that thrives on physical intimacy is not love at all. Love survives even when the lovers are no longer physically attractive.

Ankita Upadhyay,

via e-mail


Korea has emerged as one of the most attractive destinations for Nepali job-seekers, especially after the government signed a labour agreement with the Korean government.

Accordingly, Korean language institutes have mushroomed in the capital. I wonder if all the institutes follow the regulations prescribed by the government. The authorities should see whether they are providing quality fare.

Milan Banjara, Panauti