Consider options

This is in reference to the news report “Mix ethanol with petrol, save money” (THT, Dec. 14). It was enlightening to know that a mixture of ethanol (extracted from molasses) and petrol could run vehicles more efficiently and also help keep the environment clean. Waste of sugar industries is a source of molasses from which ethanol can be extracted. Since the government has not been able to make available petroleum products in required quantities, it is its duty to consider feasible alternatives and ensure adequate supply.

Abhinay Jayaswal, Baneshwor, Kathmandu


Apropos of the news report “Beware! Meat products are laced with antibiotics” (THT, Dec.15), THT has done well to let the public know about the residual effects of

antibiotics in poultry meat. However, the report does not clearly state whether the samples taken for study were collected from the same poultry farm or from various places on the same day. When we talk about poultry and meat products certain specific conditions need to be taken into consideration. It’s not necessary that the amount of antibiotics used in poultry products be the same in all farms.

Moreover, for meat products not to have residual effects of antibiotics, proper withdrawal time needs to be maintained after the last antibiotic treatment. I do not completely agree with Dr Manohar Gupta that poultry feed is excessively contaminated and causes heart, kidney and liver problems. Poultry meat cannot be termed “contaminated” because the products are not contaminated naturally. I also do not agree with the claim that vegetarianism is the best option.

Almost all vegetables available in the market are treated by antibiotics, pesticides and heavy metals. If these chemicals are not used properly, even vegetables are at risk of being left with residual toxicity. Finally, the department of food technology and quality control (DFTQC) deserves credit for its work but it also needs to study bigger sample sizes in the future.

Dr Sital Kaji Shrestha, India

Bad idea

This refers to the news report “Govt to hold CA election by mid-April” (THT, Dec. 16). It is the third time that the government has announced a new date for CA polls. The SPA has also decided to increase the total number of seats to 601, which doesn’t appear to be a very good idea, particularly when much of the budget for the CA polls has already been wasted twice. The money which has been spent on poll preparations would have borne fruit had it been set aside the welfare of those in need. This however is not to say that the postponement of polls

earlier hasn’t done any damage to the nation.

Sanjeev Giri, Ratopool, Kathmandu

New hope

Though the CA polls have already been postponed twice, the announcement of a new date comes as a beacon of hope. However, Nepalis are not free of doubt yet as the major parties in the SPA are yet to resolve many of the major issues. This time, however, the parties cannot make any excuses. The political leadership has to show that it is really committed to its pledges to the people.

Kohinoor Subedi, via e-mail