Fresh mandate

With the political parties wrestling for power, the fulfilment of Nepali people’s aspirations expressed through Jana Andolan II seem to be a distant dream. The seven party

alliance, considering the exigencies of the volatile political situation, must not let their unity fall apart and give a change for regressive forces to be active again. Moreover, no political party should hesitate to participate in the CA polls, which will be the true reflection of the level of people’s faith in all political parties. Only a fresh mandate can end the current political


Prem Pathak,

Bharatpur-10, Chitwan

UNMIN’s role

The much-awaited constituent assembly election has become uncertain after its recent postponement because of the continuing differences within the SPA over the Maoist demand over the immediate declaration of a republic and adoption of full proportional representation. This uncertainty threatens the prospect of putting Nepal’s politics back on track.

Though the UNMIN has shown its interest in playing a greater role in the peace process, the government is not keen on the idea because it thinks would increase

‘foreign’ role n its ‘internal affairs’. I for one see no harm in the idea, if that speeds up the peace process. Nepalis want peace and protection of their fundamental rights. Therefore, all political parties should give up their narrow interests and obstinacy to build a consensus, and end political instability and violence.

Anil Joshi, Hetauda

Poor quality

The private telephone service providers in the country have introduced several new schemes to attract people. Though thousands of people have subscribed to take advantage of the incentives, the service providers have paid little attention to the need for improving the

quality of their telephone networks.

Abhinay Jayaswal,



Solid waste management has become a big problem in the capital especially

because of the lack of proper dumping sites. Luckily, the rag-pickers, who earn their livelihood selling plastic and bottles, have provided some relief by taking away some of the items in the garbage. Though people look down on these rag-pickers, we can learn something from them. Most of them earn their bread through environment-friendly

activities, not through dishonest means.

Jeeban Panthi, Kathmandu

Large picture

I believe the recent events in Pakistan should be seen in the right perspective.

Pakistan has never enjoyed ‘full democracy’, as the cliché goes. The military takeover by Musharraf was just another attempt by the army to right a wrong that was committed the day India was split up in 1947. If anything, Pakistan under General Musharraf has been doing better than under civilian rule as far as the economy is concerned. I cannot recall any civilian government in Pakistan before Musharraf that ran the country better. Most of the civilian rulers have been money-grubbing career bureaucrats who are all too common in the Arab World.

Sanjeeb Dahal, via e-mail